Saturday , August 20 2022

The Supreme Court has defined four sentences that will dictate by the end of the year


At the meeting of the agreements that are members of the Council Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (CSNN), which is held every Tuesday, finally the judges they defined the causes in which they would dictate the sentence before the end of the year.

What the Court will solve will not be a merit issue (if judges and prosecutors have to pay that tax), but will decide on the provisional measure issued by the judge Esteban Furnari in November last year.

In his judgment, the judge submitted an ampere criminal charge Association of Judges and State Judges (AMFJN), and stopped the application of the law that improved the judgment to be determined all new members of the judiciary have to pay profit. The state filed an appeal against the Furnari decision, and the claim has reached the Court, which will determine Tuesday 27

Tuesday December 11, The Supreme Court will decide on constitutionality or not the slogan law in the province of Santa Cruz. The Trial Judgment has already dictated unconstitutional on extending the bill of slogans to charges Governor i viceguverner, applied to the Santa Cruz government in elections 2015

But that Higher Court of Justice from the province has confirmed validity these changes in the law on slogans, which led to the appeal before the highest court in the country.

In the 2015 elections, the current senator Eduardo Costa (UCR) was the loudest candidate of the Union's slogan that lives better / Let's change, although for reform, Alicia Kirchner he was elected governor with the sum of candidates' votes Justist party, former governor Daniel Peralta

Finally, the highest court has gone December 18th a definition that holds the government in uncertainty: it's about solving the case a retired to complain to the state this they should charge more than what they pay for historical correction, and that could have an impact on more than 150 thousand trials by other elderly with similar requirements.

Let's change, it is awaiting this decision of the Court, because the decision is in favor Lucio Orlando Blanco, the retiree who is the protagonist of the lawsuit may be problematic for ANSES accounts within the framework a strong adjustment to the costs of the state in order to achieve the zero deficit required by the IMF.

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