Sunday , February 28 2021

The sweet video of the daughter of Cinthia Fernández desperate to see Martín Baclini

Cinthia Fernández and Martín Baclini have the most important approval to keep their relationship firm: Charis, Bella and Francesca, the three daughters of the panelist, They are happy with Mom's new boyfriend and today they are almost a family assembled with projects. In October, for example, they will embark on a trip to Disney the five.

This link was demonstrated in a sweet video that shared Cinthia on Instagram, in which one of the girls is seen desperate to greet the entrepreneur that he had hidden himself in the bathroom to surprise him. When he finally finds it, he launches a shout: "Martiiiiin" and he embraces her effusively.

The panelist was excluded from the tender scene and a joke was allowed regarding the situation: "Mum no one greets her. Oil painted mom. Won Super Martin". He also added a reflection about his "dream come true", the resumption after his separation from Matías Defederico. "'Something more beautiful? My heart springs from joy with this image."

With regard to the trip to Disney, It is Baclini's gift for the girls' birthday, which are very excited because it will be his first visit to the land of Mickey Mouse. These days, Cinthia processed visas, although he still does not know what the father's reaction will be when he learns of the gift.

Although the businessman and the panelist are very in love, he is the most cautious. As he counted in a note that gave days back to The angels of the morning, for now She does not plan nor marry nor coexist with Cinthia, because the engagement is very recent. "It's also a combo, the three girls, the babysitter, the mother-in-law …", he enumerated, in the code of humor.

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