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The tender message from Bruna Rial to Romina Pereiro


The daughter of the driver I dedicate some tender words to her father's partner.

For some days, Bruna is experiencing emotional days. The separation of Facundo Ambrosioni, saddened her but also put her vulnerable, for that reason, decided to take refuge in her. While some time ago he was confronted with his father, with his sister and with Romina Pereiro, now things changed and the bond is stronger than ever.

A few days ago, Bruna confessed that he was starting to take "better" with Rial's girlfriend and that he was very much in this confusing moment. Apparently, the relationship is better than ever since the majority of Jorge's daughters decided to use their official Instagram account to upload an image with some tender words.

Abuelonga exceptional Thanks Romi Pereiro for the love of Fran, "wrote Bruna next to a photo of her" stepmother. "Although there was no jealousy in the middle, he also decided to go up a portrait of Jorge next door Her and her little son with the phrase: "Exceptional bird. Stop before anything. "Apparently, the bad mood of her sentimental situation made her reflect and start supporting her.

We have to remember that less than three weeks ago, Bruna went through a difficult situation that led her to separate from the father of her baby Francesco. As far as is known, an episode of violence would have caused the end of the relationship and the command of a perimeter so that the player can not approach her or his kid. In addition, justice analyzed the case and granted him an antipanic button.

These unfortunate events in the life of his daughter caused that Rial is harmed in its health. For that reason, he had to miss the conduction of the "Intrusos" program to feel overwhelmed by his son's case. However, over the years, the situation is becoming clearer and little by little everything is going back to normal, especially, the link to the family.

Although he suffered great love disappointments, Bruna does not refuse to find a person that accompanies him. Apparently he would have his eyes on his friend Enrique Sanchez and would be living the beginning of a deeper relationship. A few days ago, Rial's daughter tattooed the phrase of a song by Joan Gabriel, the favorite singer of the young man in question.

Sánchez, on the other hand, maintains that he would like to know Bruna better and that he would have firm intentions in which she gave him an opportunity to prove his love. Although they have been friends for a long time, they never attempted a serious relationship, however, the conditions would be given to begin to rebuild their history.

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