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The tender video of Diego Maradona with his grandson menor


Diego Maradona You are enjoying your days Holidays in Buenos Aires while the nursery school golden, The team of the second division of Mexico that directs, pre-season begins under the tutelage of your physical trainer.

In the tranquility of his family home in Nordelta, ex-footballer received a very special visit: that of his grandson menor, Diego Matías, Fruit of the relationship of Diego Jr.. i Nunzia Pennino.

Through its social networks, the deu He posted a very cute video where you can watch it playing with the little one in his arms, While a song strikes you.

"Playing with my little darling Dieguito, who is very nice and never cries. On the contrary, he is killed by laughter "The Daurats coach explained in the publication.

Diego Matías was born the first of April in Italy and weighing three and a half kilograms. His grandfather met him 20 days later and took several photos with him. "I'm very happy and I'm filling up my heart. I will enjoy it as I could not do with my son Diego. Welcome the youngest member of the family, "he wrote after seeing it for the first time.

On the professional level, the situation of Diego Maradona is somewhat delicate. Luis Illes, His field assistant, exposed on the Mexican website Half time the interns of the technical team with the leadership of Daurats that could put in doubt the continuity of the world champion in Mexico 86 at the head of the team.

"At no time (the leaders) had the delicacy of calling to say: & # 39;Profe, we sat down, we heard& # 39; What's more, Diego the other day of the finals returned to Argentina, I stayed until Thursday (this week) because I was with my family (in Culiacán). Obviously one has to understand that there is no intention of continuing, "Illes said.

Diego, on the other hand, enjoys time with family. And, as you can see in the video, He does it wearing the Daurats t-shirt.

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