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The tennis player who said farewell last year of drinks: "what year of mier …"


After a year for the player's forgetfulness (where he was injured), away from the first places in the tournaments, he fired the year accompanied by alcohol.

Andy Murray does not have much to celebrate in 2018 that goes away. Persecuted for the number one injuries he lost ground in the fight for world tennis players. After recovering the tennis player He did not manage to find his best shape and he continued to fall. Tired of a year that was not good for him, the Scot was dismissed from 2018 accompanied by alcohol.

the prestigious tennis player shared a Instagram photo on your Instagram account where you can see it by taking a bottle of champagne from the pic. In addition under him, he can see seven more alcoholic bottles showing that Scottish and alcoholic fame might have something to be said about. "Celebrating the end of 2018. What a shitty year it was" write Murray next to the posting taking his bad year a bit of a joke.

Andy Murray hopes that 2019 will be his year to return to the first plans, so much so that he is already in Australia where he will play the ATP of Brisbane, a competition in which he championed champion in 2012 and 2013. In 2018, # 39; tennis player was forgotten; His best performance was two quarters of the final (Washington and Shenzhen) he only participated in six contests. The year ended at # 240 ° of the ranking.

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