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The vaccine to prevent HIV could be available in about four years, experts said


A vaccine to prevent HIV may be available in about four yearsIt would be useful because the immune system itself produces antibodies that act against the virus, said on Tuesday at the agency EFE the infectologist and epidemiologist Jordi Sánchez.

Within the framework of the 10 World Scientific Conference on HIV (IAS 2019) In Mexico City, the vice president of the Center for Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research in Lima, Peru, said that the vaccine could be effective for several strains of the virus.

The idea is that with this new tool it can be stopped at least in one 65% the spread of this epidemic.

"The vaccine has several parts that are part of the virus, so the possibility of being effective for different strains or types of HIV is high"Said Sánchez, who is part of the study researchers.

The study is called Mosaic and will be led by researchers from the National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases, the National Institutes of Health, the network of Vaccine Trials against HIV and the Command Research and Medical Development of the United States Army.

This investigation, which will begin in September, will be done in 3,800 people from Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Spain and the United States, From 55 clinical sites around the world, and will feature the participation of 125 Mexicans from different cities.

Participants will be men who have sex with men and transgender people.

"We are determined to develop an effective HIV vaccine worldwide to reduce the path of 1.5 million new infections estimated by HIV to the next year"Said Larry Corey M.D., principal investigator of the HVTN, a virologist and a member of the Faculty of Fred Hutchinson's Oncology Research Center in Seattle.

The specialist explained that in this study, half of the patients will receive a placebo and half the vaccine divided into four doses that contain the serotype 26 adenovirus, which provide anti-HIV mosaic antigens.

These antigens will be used to activate the immune response of the individual to the virus.

"It is not the virus as such, they are pieces of modified virus that will identify HIV and fight it because it does not reach any part of the body", Sánchez added.

The vaccine, said Sánchez, has already been tested in some centers in previous phases "and has had results without more undesirable effects".

"There are several tools to prevent HIV. We have a condom for decades, but in the implementation it is not used in a sufficient manner, there is pre-prophylaxis (Prep) and this vaccine would be an additional tool"He has indicated.

The study and development of the vaccine is favored by the pharmacist Janssen, And although it is expected that in four years clear results can be obtained on its effectiveness, it is not yet contemplated when it can be available to the general public.

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