Monday , October 18 2021

There is a suspected case of hantavirus in White Bay



This is an 18 year old girl who was on vacation in El Bolsón and had the symptoms of this illness. He is currently in isolation with all the symptoms of hantavirus in the Italian hospital. The local nosocomial doctors sent the analyzes to the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires to confirm or refute the case.

The girl is interned in isolation in Italian and "enters the definition of a suspected case," said Carla Boschetti Infectionologist (MP 2544) at Telefe News.

"He had a headache, a little bit of myalgia, abdominal pain and some episode of vomiting," the professional recounted and added that what most suspects are generating is that the boarding school visited the area of ​​infection.

In the same vein, Boscehtti affirmed, "I would like to confirm with the serology that blood has already been removed. It is trying to derive the analyzes at the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires."

"For now, it will remain in observation. It should be noted that it could fit into any other box, but coming from the Bariloche and Bolsón area, we must take precautions," added the health professional.

The Infectologist explained that the 18-year-old girl "has a three-day fever of headache and radiographs that were performed in the chest area do not refer to any compromise."

Regarding family members, Boschetti says, "He tries not to have contact with the rest of the population, who are at home waiting to confirm or refute the diagnosis. Also, accompanying that be with the girl should use a dick. "

It should be noted that the Health Region personnel have already learned about the case and will begin to take the necessary precautions in case of confirmation of the virus.

"Until within 48 hours, we will not have any results," remarked Dr. Cesar Baccini (MP 0888), deputy director of the local hospital.

However, Baccini clarified Telefe, "we have the calmness that was not presented as a respiratory box. Although thinking about a patient who was seven days in El Bolsón and Bariloche and started with a feverish picture It deteriorates the general state, makes us have to take all the measures that are within our reach. " (Source:

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