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They can not disassemble Route 3 and it is cut 36 hours ago – 2019.01.26


The jargon works faced by Vialidad Nacional did not reach the reach and it already carries more than 36 hours the cut of the national route 3, Between 608 and 640 miles. Intense rainfall on Thursday night and Friday morning collapsed a landfill, built in 2002 to contain the overflow of a river and the water of a lagoon That persists since then, he won the road. By this section, only trucks and 4×4 vehicles can be used, while the light ones are obliged to perform extensive funnels.

Those who want to reach Tres Rierols from the south of Buenos Aires, must take the provincial routes 51 and 85, while those that go to Monte Bella, are obliged to divert by 51, at the height from Bahia Blanca and continue along the 72, to Colonel Dorrego. Similar alternate routes in reverse, they must follow those who want to travel to the south of the country. Although 51 and 72, both provincial road jurisdictions, are passable, they recommend caution in terms of accumulated water on the banks and increased traffic due to deviations.

The negated sector of Route 3 is located near the provincial route 78, Which leads to Muntanya Bella, a spa with a large number of tourists for the season and the weekend. Sixteen years ago, intense rainfall in the area of ​​Serra de la Ventana, caused the overflow of the Sauce Grande river that denied fields and reached a broad section of the road. By that time, he had to raise the embankment he ceded this Friday and repeated the painting, with sectors of more than one meter and a half of accumulated water.

The most complicated section is between km 608 and 614 of route 3.

The most complicated section is between km 608 and 614 of route 3.

Roadside spokespeople explained that this time, as the water does not come from an overflowing natural course but from an old stagnant training, it is more difficult to withdraw because it is not escorted. Firemen considered that the task could be asked for even two or three days. It overwhelms the panorama, the weather forecast that announces heavy storms and intense rainfall for the region during this Sunday. According to the Meteobahia site, with data from the CERZOS meteorology area, the Conicet organism in Bahia Blanca could rain more than 120 millimeters and about 50 in Monte Bella and Baix Fondo, a town located 10 kilometers from the site where the route is cut.

At a distance, a Police Road Safety site closes the passage of vehicles arriving from the south and only advances those who go to the Pehuén Có spa, also very busy during the summer. It also authorizes the transit of trucks or 4×4 that seek to reach Mount Bella. You can also continue on a trip to Colonel Dorrego through a local road that passes through the town of Calvo, at the height of kilometer 608 of the national route 3.

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