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They confirm a case of hantavirus in the Region and are now five in the Province


The last in the area had been in 2017. It is about a 40 year old man who was infected at Berisso. Is stable

They confirm a case of hantavirus in the Region and are now five in the Province

With the confirmed cases grow the concern of neighbors from different neighborhoods for landfills / the day

A painter from Berisso hantavirus contracted and remains interned in the San Martín de la Plata hospital, according to yesterday confirmed to this newspaper sources from the Ministry of Health of the Province, who added that with this they add five cases of the Illness confirmed in the territory of Buenos Aires.

As indicated, the affected person is about 40 years old and, although they are still investigating the circumstances of the contagion, they would have contracted the disease to contact aerosols from stools of rodents The patient is stable.

The same sources underlined that this is a case of autochthonous disease, differentiating it from those related to the outbreak of Epuyén, which was caused by a strain different from the virus.

The last cases of the disease in our Region were registered in 2017.

With this, five confirmed infections in the Province were five, according to the official yesterday. The others took place in Sant Pere, Lomas de Zamora, Navarro and Zárate.

This number of cases is within the expected period of this period: during 2018, 25 cases were registered in the territory of Buenos Aires, while 2017 were 44.

Sources from the Ministry of Health indicated that, after confirming (by laboratory test at the Malbrán Institute) that the case recorded in Berisso is positive, an epidemiological control operation was implemented in the area of ​​the affected person

In turn, they have stressed that "it is not the vine that caused the tragic outbreak of Epuyen, but that which was usually detected in cases recorded in the area."

Meanwhile, and in the wake of growing concern about the disease, yesterday, new reclamations were made of platinous neighbors for the presence of pastures, landfills and mice. Claims came from City Bell, Toulouse, Arana, Sant Carles, Vila Elvira and Vila Castells, among other areas of the Region.

So far, in the whole country there are 46 infections and 12 people killed by hantavirus, mostly related to a focus registered in the Patagonian town of Epuyen.

Epuyén's strain, unlike the local one, has the characteristic that it can be infected from person to person. In the case of the premises, it is spread through the contact with spray aerosols of the colilargo mouse.

In the province

The director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Iván Insúa, informed yesterday that the other cases of hantavirus registered in the territory of Buenos Aires took place in Sant Pere, Zárate and Navarro, which is They added that of the infected patient in Lomas de Zamora.

However, he said that "we are not in front of an outbreak" in the most populated district in the country.

The official said that the cases correspond to a 26-year-old man admitted to the hospital of Gandulfo de Lomas de Zamora; a 41-year-old San Pedro patient who is in the Constituent Clinic of Morón; a young person of 20 years of Navarro interned in General Rodriguez and a man affected in Zárate.

"They are all well and evolving favorably. The patient of Zárate is more complicated and we continue their evolution day by day," said Insua.

He explained that the Zárate patient has "a multi-organ failure in the renal, respiratory and hepatic system, and is therefore compensating" and pointed out that he was suspected of having contracted the disease at his work in Port d & # 39 ; this district.

"We have already sent fast response teams to fight rodents in the area and avoid new cases," Insua said.

On the other hand, he insisted that "in all cases it is a vine different from that of Epuyén", in Chubut, where there was an outbreak that caused ten deaths, that "the situation continues within what is usual in the province "and that the appearance of" more cases "is expected.

"In Buenos Aires, we usually have 25 cases per year. We are within what is usual, so it is not necessary to be alarmed because there is no interum, there were no deaths. In all these cases, the contagion occurred as a rodent in Person and not from person to person (as in Epuyén) ", it is over.

With the confirmed cases in the Province, there are 46 positive diagnoses in the country this month, a figure that exceeds the national average for January, reported the Secretary of Health of the Nation.

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