Sunday , April 11 2021

They detected a case of Hantavirus in a jail: "Prisoners make barricades against rats"

They detected a case of Hantavirus in a prison:

A detainee who complies with a sentence in Penitentiary Unit Nº 28 of the locality of Magdalena received hantavirus and was transferred to the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de la Plata, where he had "minor improvements" as he could know The case of Rubén Gómez, 40, alarmed the penitentiary authorities that reinforced fumigation.

The Provincial Committee for Memory (CPM) expressed concern about the episode and pointed out in a statement that "detainees get to build barricades with their blankets so that the rats do not enter the cells. las ". Through a letter, the body indicated that for weeks it warned that they should take measures to prevent the contagion of hantavirus in the presence of rats in the prisons of Buenos Aires.

The internal is in intensive therapy with mechanical respiratory assistance and responds favorably to the treatment, as confirmed by the director of Epidemiology of the province of Buenos Aires, Iván Insúa.

The circumstances in which the inmate did not get the illness, nor the conditions in which he was in the criminal, are unknown. From the SPB they denied that there were "isolated or quarantined pavilions".

With this case there are nine people infected in the province of Buenos Aires. These are infections other than those detected in Epuyén, since the infections in the territory of Buenos Aires are from "mouse to human" and not in an "interpersonal" way as it happened in the south of the country.

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