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They found massacre, strangled and bitten women's corpse | chronic


for Faithby Vazquez

The corpse wildly slaughtered with stroke in the face, stunned and with signs of bites in the arms of a woman, appeared in a house, in the Buenosairean locality of Virreyes Oest, in the party of San Fernando. It is suspected that the great crime would have been consumed by an ex-partner of the victim.

The spokesmen of the judicial department of San Isidro revealed to that the unfortunate victim was identified as Elizabeth Alejandra Toledo.

It turned out that the great find was on the second floor of a humble estate located at the crossroads of Boedo and Gorriti, in the so-called Barri President Perón, one block from the traditional Viceroys Rugby Club estate and 200 meters away. A stream in the district, to the north of the provincial conurbation.

According to what is stated by the informants, the woman's life-free body presented violent blows on her face, signs of strangling and also bites in her arms.

For this reason, it is believed that the illicit was consummated as a balance of a heated fight.

Public servants at the Virreyes Oeste (4th San Fernando) police station carried out different procedures in the area to clarify the facts, since it is estimated that the murder would have been carried out by an individual, named Miguel Saturnino and who claims to maintain an ardent sentimental relationship with the victim.

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