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They will give adoption to the eye of the girl raped


Instead of legal abortion, the 12-year-old girl gave birth by cesarean section.

About 8:00 a.m. yesterday, as planned, the 12-year-old girl who was raped by a neighbor of 60 in the jujeña town of Sant Pere was subjected to a Caesarean ordinate by Justice at L & # 39; Jujuy Maternal Infantile hospital. The operation had no complications and, as confirmed by the health minister, Gustavo Bouhid, he was born to live with a weight of 703 grams and rigorous studies are being done in the area of ​​Neonatology, for then give it for adoption. "It is an eye that has been born alive, is in neonatology and is going to be given for adoption. It did not come into contact with the mother," Bouhid said.

With regard to the state of health of the eye, the official commented: "Now we must wait for the evolution because there are some (newborns) of low weight who have not continued their lives, others who have Stay with sequels and others that are good ". The Minister of Health said that the minor who was pregnant and her mother accepted, through a signed consent, the cesarean section. The intervention was ordered by the Justice, which took into account the protocol for the interruption of pregnancy contemplated in the law.

"In the interdisciplinary team of the hospital it was decided to comply with the Supreme Court ruling through a cesarean section that was carried out on the day of the date. There is a legal vacuum : The sentence does not tell at what age or what procedure, here was an interruption of pregnancy through a cesarean section, "Bouhid explained. The minister further recalled that his position regarding the voluntary interruption of pregnancy was public: "I am in favor of life, I do not believe that death resolves anything."


Days ago, and in the midst of the controversy that revived the case, members of the Network of Professionals for the Right to Decide and members of the jujeño Health system said that "Jujuy is one of the provinces with the highest rate of pregnancy Children and many of these pregnancies are the result of sexual or intrafamous violations and abuses, or not. " Accentuate that there is no limit of weeks of pregnancy for their interruption in case of violation and that the law has been in force since 1921. In this case, it was not abortion, it was cesarean.

-> It was a part, not an interruption

The release of the Matern Infantil hospital is confusing. "On the day of the date the legal interruption of pregnancy was made to the child under 12 years of age, fulfilling all the rights that they attend and respecting both their will and that of their loved ones. mother, proceeding in accordance with current legal regulations in applicable jurisprudence, "the sanatorium reported. "The newborn was received and assisted by neonatology service personnel, according to the care standards," they added.


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