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Tragedy in Las Flores: Dump a micro and 5 passengers were drowned – 2019.01.29

Five passengers died and 29 were injured this Monday afternoon by the dump of a long-distance micro that went to the Silver from Badia Blanca. The accident occurred minutes after 17 in kilometer 164 of route 3, At the height of the Buenosairean town of Les Flors.

As it emerged, the internal 899 with patent JSD 185, of the company Jetmar, went from White Bay to the Silver when busted the left front rubber, lost control and dumped on the stool, Where there was accumulated water.

"At 17.30 a.m. yesterday we received the alert call. I was in the accident. When we arrived, the five deadly victims were already killed under the microphone. they were drowned"Said Alejandro Maurici, director of the Zonal de las Flores Hospital.

Mauritius clarified that of the 29 injured already left the hospital 27, because "the majority suffered minor bruises." However, a wounded woman was referred to Cañuelas with traumatism and others in La Plata for "her neurological evaluation."

In the area, the previous day they were registered other three shocks. According to police sources, intense traffic on this route complicated rescue tasks.

Among the dead there is a boy of two years, who died next to his father. The dead were neighbors of White Bay, Benito Juarez, La Plata and Berazategui.

The fatalities are Ignacio Agustí Raffaelli Córdoba, the boy of two years; his father, Luis Agustín Raffaeli, native of Berazategui, raised the micro in Blau; the driver Alejandro Retribi, 28 years old; Maria Betriz Zalayeta and Paula Noguez, mother and daughter, who went up in Benito Juárez.

"Tiz" Zelayeta, as his students called him, was a renowned ex-teacher in this town, he was 72 years old. Her daughter Paula worked as a radiologist at the Eva Perón Hospital.

"The management team and the educational community of the CFP P. Osvaldo Catena share their deep regret over the death of Tiz Zelayeta, irreplaceable teacher, companion and mother. An example of a fighter and educator of vocation. for her daughter, Paula Noguez. We accompany her family at this difficult time, "she published on Facebook Maricel Angulo, director of the 401 Professional Training Center of Benito Juárez.

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as published elpopular.comOn the site, very close to the access to a well-known stay called "La Rosa", they worked on five donations of Voluntary Firefighters, two helicopters for the transfer of the victims and 10 ambulances.

The "auxiliary operating" was also added to an Olavarrian ambulance, which returned without patients after a scheduled trip and when going through the site, the chauffeur, doctor and nurse decided to offer for Collaborate with the tasks that were already underway ".

At Monday 21, two cranes worked to move the microphone and facilitate the work to remove the bodies.

Rocio Martinez Benz, from Olavarría, is among the injured who are still in boarding school. Roman at Hector Cura Municipal Hospital for an ankle fracture.

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