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UNAC removes advantage | PAS to Sant Joan


According to the data that emerges from the survey of the different Sanjuan political forces, the current governor Sergio UNAC and the Front All candidate is placed above the Macrista Marcelo Orrego, from Front With You, in the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primary Elections (PAS) of this province.

According to the first tendencies, the third person elected by the citizens is the businessman Martín Turcumán, who competes under the banner of the Front San Juan Primer. It is estimated that after 20 hours they will be the first official data, but that the consolidated percentage that marks a definitive trend may be known recently at dawn. According to the data of the Federal Electoral Court he voted more than 75% of the census.

UNAC said that in the electoral process that begins today with the open, simultaneous and compulsory primary (PAS), they seek "to continue consolidating the sanjuanino model of an ordered province" that does not jeopardize the "fiscal balance" , and at the same time has aimed to contribute its "sand dunk" to the national elections of October.

"In the electoral process that begins today and ends on June 2 we seek to continue consolidating the sanjuanino model of an ordered province that diversifies the economy and insists on financing the private sector and one wage update with trigger clause, but without compromising fiscal balance, "Sanjuanino said on leaving his home to go to vote.

"We will collaborate to overcome a national situation linked to the economy that concerns us all, with lean or nonexistent results, with high poverty and poverty," UNAC said.

"The whole country today looks at San Juan," he said and assumed that "everyone wants to see what is going on with the official and opposition" this time, in their province.

UNAC defined the pre-election campaign as "quiet" and in the election as "an essential act for democracy, beyond the election results."

Sanjuaninos began to compete in the polls this morning to define the first step their future governor. Two hundred are the educational establishments skilled as the headquarters for these open, simultaneous and compulsory primary (PAS) developed today. There are a total of 557,166 people in a position to cast their vote, which, according to the polling authorities, voted 35 percent of the vote.

The development of the electoral day passes "with high participation" and "without irregularities".

In these primary ones, the current governor Sergio UNAC will have his first electoral test, with the objective of being re-elected in the general elections on June 2.

Meanwhile, Alianza con vós, Alianza Cambiamos, postulates Humberto Orrego, current Santa Llúcia intendant and is part of the production and work party, as a predecessor to governor and Susana Laciar as a precandidate to undergovernador.

In addition, six lists that propose to their predecessors governor and vice, and also deputies for the provincial legislature, intendants and councilors will compete.

In total, 36 provincial banks will be renewed and 19 will be the departments that choose the mayor and councilors.

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