Sunday , April 11 2021

Unemployment in eight lines of group of another violent attack by a driver: "They wanted to bring a death to the house"

The criminals went up last night to an intern at 219 at the height of the Buenosairean town of Moreno. They robbed all the passengers, they hit a butt to the driver and they lowered to the shots. three shots they hit the seat of the collectivist, That was saved from miracle.

"The driver's family was in the community," he explained this morning TN Fernando González, the assailant of the company, explained: "They were going to have dinner". The three children of the driver were sitting in the first seats and one of the shots scrubbed to one of them. "They did not kill someone by chance," said the delegate.

The fact happened on Magallanes Street, in a section of the route where the robberies are "something of every day". That is why the peers of the victim decided to stop the service until night in claim for greater security. The measure affects them lines 166-236-269-395-441-443-504-634.

The robbers robbed their belongings to about twenty passengers while one of them, who had stayed behind with the driver, was beaten with the weapon in the head . "They started firing when they got off without any explanation"Gonzalez said, and he remarked:" They wanted to get a death in the house. "The worker also pointed out that" they all seemed like minors. "

As a result of the attack all 216 lines are unemployed. Once they resume the service, the delegate anticipated that they will stop taking the route through the area where the theft occurred between 21 and 6 in the morning.

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