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Unemployment rose in urban transport


The transporters of urban passenger transport lifted up during hours of unemployment for 48 hours after agreeing to a wage increase that was possible thanks to a commitment by the Municipality to advance 16 million pesos.

According to UTA, the salary agreement consists of a 20 percent increase over the January salaries, plus a non-remunerative amount of 16 thousand pesos, to be paid in three installments.

"The same thing is true that it was signed in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (Amba), the same date will be paid. The service must be normal and all the guidelines that were claimed were met. We were granted the increase we asked for, "said Chain 3 Guillermo Cabera, spokesman for UTA.

In spite of the spokesperson's statements, and the fact that groups were seen circulating in the streets, about 7 users complained about the failure to comply with the frequencies.

Circulating the groups, although there are delays in the frequencies. (Pere Castell / La Voz)

The key role of the municipality

From the Municipality they indicated that the advance of 16 million pesos will be destined to pay the first quota of this non-remunerative sum, which would represent about 8 thousand pesos for each driver.

However, they warned that a total of 280 million pesos is needed to ensure the normal provision of services until December. They hope that Nation, Province, municipality and users can distribute the burden of paying this sum.

"The municipality assumes the commitment to advance the companies the fund to support the first quota of this non-remunerative concept. We are talking about an advance of 16 million pesos. And we continue with the steps because Nation and Province accompany the jurisdiction of Cordoba, "Chief of State Transport, Esteban Rossi told Chain 3.

In the meantime, consulted on the expectation of entrepreneurs to carry the ticket to 33 pesos, indicated: "We insist that the proceedings will always be directed to the fact that the funds do not arise from an increase in rates. is being analyzed and will always be the last tool in the municipality, when all instances have been exhausted in order to get the support of Province and Country. "


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Circulating the groups, although there are delays in the frequencies. (Pere Castell / La Voz)

As follows

On Thursday, transport entrepreneurs grouped in FETAP will hold a meeting in the Ministry of Labor.

The appointment will take place in the middle of the tension that aroused statements by the vice president of the entity, Gustavo Mira, who warned that due to an alleged debt could endanger the validity of social tickets. In this regard, the Province denied that there was any debt and assured that the programs will continue to be operational.

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