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Vote: Would you like Boca to change his coat of arms for Maradona?

The long list of tributes to Diego Maradona found in Mouth a particular order from two members of the Board of Directors of the Assembly of Members’ Representatives, who formally requested that the coat of arms of the Xeneize be changed forever as “A perpetual tribute” for Fluff, adding a star with the number 10 between its upper tips. An idea that can hardly be carried forward but that caused a stir among the fans: for or against?

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Who are the assembly members who propose the change of Boca’s coat of arms

Sergio Brignardello and Néstor Bosio they are members of the Board of Directors of the Assembly, made up of 25 representatives from different political spaces. Brignardello was leader of the previous management (he was in charge of the Subcommission of History of the Club) and in the elections of 2019 he integrated the list of the Half + You, that took to Christian Gribaudo like candidate to president .

Bosio, meanwhile, is a member of Back to Win, the front led by José Beraldi. In turn, he joined the Board of Directors in three terms, 2000 to 2003, 2004 to 2007 and 2008 to 2011; and it exerted in the Department of Works, like president and vice of the same.

Now, after the death of the God on November 25, Brignardello and Bosio came together to propose a “Perpetual Mouth Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona.” The latter would involve adding to the shield, between its upper ends, a star with the number 10, thus paying tribute to the star, who played for the club in three stages (1981, 1995-1996 and 1997). The formal order was sent to the Chairman of the Board, José Luis Palazzo.

Boca proposed that Maradona be on the shield forever
Gallardo and the possible River-Boca:

What the shield change command is based on

The initiative is supported by the Statute of the Club itself, more precisely in section 4 of Article 1º, which states verbatim: “The shield will be adorned with stars representing each of the championships obtained by its first football team and for sporting events which, because of their significance, can be equated “.

The idea is that the issue can be included in the agenda of the next Assembly of Representatives, which remains undated since March due to the pandemic. What they do know is that the club replied that they were going to study it as a proposal, which they had already received as a tribute.

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Rocío Oliva:

The formal order of the assemblymen of Boca

Buenos Aires, 5 December 2020

Mr. President

Board of Directors

Honorable Assembly of Representatives

Palau José Luis

From our highest consideration:

We hereby present the proposal “Perpetual Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona”:

We suggest, based on the possibility offered by the Statute to the Club:

“… Article 1º: … d) … The shield will be adorned with stars representing each of the championships obtained by its first football team and by sporting events that, due to their significance, can equate …”

place a Star on the Shield, between the top points of the same (corner points, both right and left) with the number 10, which will represent in a “perpetual” way that the Greatest Player in the History of the ‘World Cup he played at Boca and was his biggest Ambassador while not playing at the Club.

As in the same article and indent states “… Each star that is added to the shield must be approved by the Assembly of Representatives …” we suggest incorporating this proposal in the agenda of the next Assembly to be held at the Institution.

We greet you very kindly.

Néstor Bosio and Sergio Brignardello.

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