Saturday , March 6 2021

Warning for strong storms for Córdoba

A heavy storm warning rages for all provincial territory this Tuesday, the National Weather Service reported.

The phenomenon, which also governs Buenos Aires, northeast of La Pampa, northeast of Mendoza and San Luis, predicts abundant water fall, intense bursts and likelihood of hail fall.

For this Tuesday, a maximum of 35 degrees is expected while the NMS warned that the thermal sensation could climb up to 55 degrees.

The rains brought complications in the streets of Córdoba last week (Nicolás Bravo / LaVoz).


  • Wednesday. Temperatures between 21 and 30 degrees, with probable rains.
  • Thursday. The minimum would be 21 and the maximum of 26 degrees, with likely precipitation.
  • Friday. A minimum of 19 is expected and a maximum of 28 degrees, with probable rains.

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