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Wave of heat: 62 years ago, Buenos Aires lived the day with the highest temperature in history – 2019.01.29

High temperatures do not yield. What's more, with the running of the hours the heat becomes more intense and it is the obligatory topic of conversation in the office or on the elevator. At 16, for example, the thermal sensation exceeded 45 °. But this far away bomber is to be a record for the Federal Capital just 62 years ago, one day as Buenos Aires today experienced its most infernal moment.

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There in the summer of 1957 there was a series of days with a lot of heat, which reached the peak on January 29 at 4 pm with a historic record of 43.3 degrees. But at that time only the real temperature was calculated and measured, so that the thermal sensation could have been much higher.

Next day Bugler brought the item to one of the titles of the cover: "Eleven dead of sunburn", said the box to the right. Within the newspaper, 43.3 were followed by the phrase: "And all the records of the century were melted." The note stated that 11 people had died of high temperatures.

"From the hours of the morning it was possible to foresee that there would be a day of shame. At 9 the temperature at a dizzying rise reached 33.6 and two hours later exceeded 38 degrees," so the text began that day.

Today, the General Archive of the Nation from his Twitter account shared a video that shows images as it was that day when the "City of Fury" was a real oven. People who worked without t-shirt and others who found a respite in the spas of the Riu de la Plata enjoying free time trying to alleviate the situation in great spades or with hoses. At that time it was also very usual to find a respite in the spas of the River Plate.

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According to the statistics provided by the National Meteorological Service, the other two days that make up the ranking correspond to January 31, 1935, with 40.5 degrees, and on January 18, 1943, with 40.3 respectively.

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