Monday , October 18 2021

what way to take to go to Mont from Bay


Authorities reported that traffic is still restricted to national route 3, between kilometer 608 and 640, a path that most people take to reach Monte Bella from Bahia Blanca.

"There are mobile of Road Safety and Low Bottom at the roundabout of the Molins, which allow the passage to carry only one Pehuen Co or 3 old route to Badia Blanca. Also, on route 3 and 113 (entrance to Pehuen Co) exists a fence that allows the way to Monte Bella in more or 4×4 port vehicles, "they explained in a statement.

In this sense, for common vehicles The only alternative to reach the Mountain continues to be the route 51 to Lugar Frapal and then the 72 towards Colonel Dorrego.

Passed by water

The stormy weather that occurred between Thursday night and Friday morning left many carved routes, streets and villainous roads neglected and homes flooded in various locations in the region.

Colonel Dorrego and Pringles were the most punished places, where there were precipitations between 160 and 190 millimeters. Thus, Dorrego, Aparicio and El Perdut were flooded, in addition to the rural area close to the Mountain, the provincial routes 72 and 85 and several sections of the national route 3.

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