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WhatsApp released a new feature to watch videos without chatting – 2019.01.29

The new update of WhatsApp (0.3.2041), as usually happens, brought several new features in the messenger service. In addition to correcting the usual errors and superficial improvements, the version of the mobile and computer app introduces the new "Picture in picture" (PiP) option to watch videos.

Through this feature, messenger users also on PC (WhatsApp web) will be able to view the videos in a popup window, within the chat, and without the need to minimize the application.

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According to a specialized post on the "Wabetainfo" messaging platform, this new feature of the WhatsApp app works automatically by clicking on a message that contains a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Streamable video link.

In this way, WhatsApp will preview the video in a bubble with the playback option. Pressing will begin to view the multimedia content in the "Picture in picture" (PiP) mode.

This feature is designed in such a way that WhatsApp users can switch to another chat window and the video will continue to be displayed.

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On top of that, the PiP allows you to modify the size of the pop-up window that plays the multimedia content, as well as place it in a comfortable place on your mobile or PC screen.

In case you have not yet available the Picture in Picture mode, both in the version for Android and iOS (iPhone), you will need to update the application from your mobile or restart the web browser from your PC.

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