Sunday , October 17 2021

Who are the three new reinforcements that Boca aims to close in the next few hours

The first official duel, the 1-1 draw against Newell's In Rosario thanks to the goal of Darío Benedetto, he served at Gustavo Alfaro to draw several conclusions. One of them: the need to finish reinforcing the defense, even more after the injury of Paolo Goltz. Consequently, the Technical Secretary, with Nicolás Burdisso, its director, at the top, worked in speed and Mouth was just one step away from incorporating three new reinforcements in the next few hours.

The central saga was enclosed with the injury of Goltz and the games of Leonardo Balerdi (Borussia Dortmund) and Lisandro Magallán (in Ajax). he xeneize He made attempts by José Luis Palomino, Víctor Costa and Walter Kannemann, but it was not successful. Consequently, Alfaro asked for an old acquaintance: Lisandro López. And in the center, 29, wait in the next hours in Buenos Aires.

The defender, 29, is substitute for Genoa in Italy, where he is on loan, since his card belongs to Benfica de Portugal. Originally from Vila Constitución (Santa Fe) and arisen from Chacarita, López stood out in Arsenal under the tutelage of Alfaro: together they won the Closing Tournament 2012 and the Argentine Super Cup of the same year. licha It would break its link with the Italian team and would be ceded for a season on the bank.

Already without Leonardo Jara and Gino Peruzzi, lettuce He asked for a right wing that would compete with Julio Buffarini. And the chosen one is Kevin Mac Allister. One of the children of Carlos Javier, el ColoradoWho knew how to leave his mark in Boca, made his debut in the First Argentinian in 2016. In this past market was also in the folder Alexis, the offensive midfielder, but was finally acquired by Brighton English in 8.5 million dollars.

"Lateral to the right I have Julio (Buffarini) and the juvenile Weingandt, which we have to bring it to. Kevin can play for both sides, but more to the right; We also have the quota problem. Within the possibilities of national sides that could be made, it seemed to me a good incorporation"Alfaro told Mac Allister.

Finally, in the other lane a new face would also come: Damián Pérez, Another who knows Alfaro philosophy. The 30-year-old left-hander arose from Arsenal and also enjoyed the stage of glory of the club with the DT. I just terminated a contract with Colo Colo from Chile, Made that the door of the Chocolate box opens. In Colossus Marcelo Bielsa, the headmaster was Emmanuel Mas. ¿Arrival of Perez leaves definitely without space to Lucas Olaza?

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