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Who is Manuel Sanchez, the boy who was going on vacation with his girlfriend, left and never returned

January 29, 2019

Manuel Sanchez is 29 years old, lives in Vila Pueyrredón and his father is a renowned kinesiologist in the city of Rojas.

Manuel Sanchez

Manuel Sánchez, 29 years olds, disappeared Saturday when he told his girlfriend that he was going to look for the car in the garage, located 10 blocks from his apartment and never returned.

He is from the city of Buenos Aires de Rojas and for ten years he is living in the Federal Capital. He currently lives with his partner in a department of Vila Pueyrredón.

Manuel is the son of Marisa and Walter Sánchez, and has two sisters. Her mother worked as an administrator at the Lebanese Syrian Hospital and her father, Walter, is a renowned Kinesiologist from Rojas who was trained at the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA.

At the time it disappeared, you were going to travel to Necochea with yours girlfriend Emilia Troilo. The last contact with him was through one Email in which I was firedHe was embarrassed by a fact that the family asked not to reveal and closed with: "You did not deserve that".

They went on vacation, left planted their girlfriend and was dismissed with a teller mail

This Saturday, the last day they saw him, he left the apartment dressed in a muscular gray and green bermuda. He carried his DNI, the card PUJA from a friend, an extension of a credit card of his girlfriend – who did not register movements – and his cell phone, which was kept off since then.

The case of Manuel Sánchez, a native of the town of Rojas, was derived from a Buenos Aires public prosecutor, who gave the order to go to the brigade for people search.

Only three Argentineans gave to resume the search for Sala: none of the Selection

Manuel's social networks has no public updates since January 25.

After going through all the terminals and possible places to find their whereabouts, their relatives and friends replicated the search in social networks and created the page of Facebook "We are looking for Manuel", Which already has more than 3900 followers.

We are looking for Manuel! Manuel Sánchez is 29 years old and lives in Vila Pueyrredon. Saturday 26/01 at 07:00 a.m. …

Posted by Busquem Manuel on Sunday, January 27, 2019

"We are grateful to everyone who spread and solidified the cause. Manu is a normal guy, athlete, full of people who wants him and he expects to receive news about him as soon as possible. We did not want the case to go but we had no choice. We respect that it is taking its time to think but we need to have a signal that is out of danger"Said the father of the young person, Walter Sánchez.

"We are looking desperately. We want you to know that we love and that we will be for what you need. In the message I said that I was going. He apologized to me But we are worried and we just need to know that it is well"Emilia said.

If someone has information, you can contact the phones: 02475 424325, 011 25333927 or 2474 400.056.

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