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Wild aggression of three Barça racing to a partisan journalist


On March 31, Racing He tied 1-1 to Victoria with Tigre and shouted champion after five years. That night the Obelisk wore a party, but it was also close to the tragedy: a group of The Imperial Guard, Official Barra de la AcademyHe faced another of the Racing Stones and a member of this last faction ended up with white weapon wounds. Although both sides tend to compete together in Cilindre, there are marked differences that have to do with the benefits that are being made the official, while the latter have been on many occasions carrying out selfless actions for the institution, such as reconstruction from the estate Tita Mattiusi.

From that day on, the left went deeper and everyone who struggles to face the Imperial Guard, is at risk of life: this happened this afternoon with the party journalist Sebastià Acosta, alias el Chinese, Which was attacked by three bars at the exit of the Citroën Radio station and finished with quadruple jaw fracture and rupture of the enclosure, and it must be operated. This is not the first time Acosta is accused: The year 2000 was shot at the pelvis when he arrived at home and the fact was awarded to his publications in an in favor magazine. "I was expecting it. I had already received threats. Sometimes one is too lonely to defend Racing," he said at that time.

The new fact refers to the murder of party journalist Nicolau Pacheco, in the pool of the Vila del Parc de la Vila Academy, On the 24/1/13 and ended in 2016 with sentences of 12 years in prison for three bars, which are still free today waiting for confirmation or not of the decision by Chamber III of the Criminal Cassation Chamber.

Acosta has been conducting the program for several years Racing XXII by FM 88.5. Ten years ago he went to the popular Racing Stones until he got off the paravalanche to devote to his radial cycleAlthough he never lost contact with his group of friends on the track. These, while still sharing the popular center with The Imperial GuardThey had some stumps in recent times. It all started a year ago, when, investigated by Justice, Raúl Escobar, alias ou, I Nelson Lopetegui, alias ParaguayanThey formally left the address of the bar and hosted Dock Sud. Who climbed as a leader, then, it was José Repettoalias I do, To whom many point out as an intimate friend of the previous duo. In those days, a group of Vila Corina led by Leonardo Paredes and displaced from the popular, wanted to return and after two confrontations, he did not achieve his goal. I I do he was accumulating power. In fact, in March this year another judicial cause was opened for a presumptuous one in the establishment to obtain official clothes and a very important sum of money. In Courts, Lisandro López and Edgardo Coudet admitted that two bars (which they described as partners) met with them, but they said that the contact was in good standing and they did accept that afterwards, # 39; clothing, although they denied any extortion or money order, so the cause ended up filed.

But this was one of the wicks that lit the pump. Another had to do with the succulent business that the bar did during the last part of the tournament with the resale of tickets. Blind in his ambition, The Imperial Guard He started distributing fewer tickets between the members to put them in the illegal circuit, with the juicy profits that were generated. There was reproach and that night at the Obelisk, cause a fight where one of the official, called Dani Ganivet, Ended the discussion on the faces injuring Darío, of the Stones. Persecuted because nobody knew and did not report the case, the bar listened attentively to all rumors and supporters' programs. The party against Defense and Justice was another monument to the resale that left thousands of partners out and the same is expected to happen in the revenge against Estudiantes, for the Cup of the Superliga, in Avellaneda. And they do not want anyone to ruin the business or explain what is happening. And although there was no explicit reference, Some comments from Acosta did not fall well. And they were going to look for it at the exit of the radio to grind in bastonades and to give an explicit message: anyone that sticks with the bar, runs a risk of life.

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