Tuesday , July 5 2022

Will Forky finally get to the garbage that he was so looking for in Toy Story?


Disney had to accept the recommendation from the Consumer Protection Agency.

The fourth installment of "Toy Story" It became a complete success since the first weekend of its world premiere. The band tells a new adventure of Andy's toys with the incorporation of a small game companion from Bonnie, Forky, A toy made by hand for the little one and that becomes his companion inseparable. But now Disney is removing from the toy stores the image of the new character.

What is this about? Although in the movie the toy seems
totally harmless (it is made from the elements found in the
junk), in real life it seems to be not entirely. The mouse giant accepted
The legal recommendations and decided to withdraw it from the market as per suggestion
of the Consumer Protection Commission of the United States, could generate
some damages.

The agency recommended to remove the toy immediately "i
return it to any store at the Disney Store, Walt Disney World or
the Disneyland Resort Theme Park Store to get a refund
complete. "Among the justifications is that the doll has plastic eyes
They could be released by children very easily, besides
ingest them, putting them at risk of asphyxia.

Not without first lamenting, the company abided by the order and withdrew
the units that had been arranged in the toy stores. It should be noted that
Nearly 80,000 copies were sold in the United States since they left
public Through a statement, Disney announced the decision for a "defect
of factory ".

"Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers," the company explained in the text. And although, as in the movie, Forky It's pretty simple, it was a great success at toy stores selling at high prices. Although in some countries like Mexico, the sellers' inventors could do more and made them with cheaper materials to offer them at lower prices.

If you saw Toy Story 4 you will remember that Forky had problems with
Identity, just like Buzz at first and is not perceived as a toy but how
Some of the trash, since the materials that are made come from here.
And this is precisely the task of Woody, help him understand his new role and being
the ideal companion for the sweet Bonnie who set it on her first day of

"Toy Story 4" Presents Tom Hanks and Tim Allen again as the voices of the main characters of the film, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. They join Forky, created by Bonnie, the girl whom Andy ordered the care of her toys at the end of "Toy Story 3", the new member of the group becomes the favorite of the little one, so that Woody must protect him.

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