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Will the NBA be copied from our Super League? – 2019.04.13


The future of basketball in the NBA could look like the Super League. Yeah yeah. How is it read In our SuperLiga … And it's not 28 days since you look a thousand times the calendar …

Commissioner Adam Silver, the top leader of the best basketball league in the world, is thinking about new things. From shorter games to a shorter season, such as ways in which the NBA could improve your product for players and followers. "The format we have now, I'm a traditional band, but for the others it's about 50 years old, presenting a season of 82 games, and there's nothing magical about it … ", said Silver.

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The creation of a new mid-season tournament is not ruled out and shorten the number of matches to take care of players' health and increase attention to the championship.

"I think that it is the responsibility of the league's directive to always challenge the way we do things, Pay attention to the changing habits of the spectators, to a changing market, to a new world in the way media are presented, often in smaller devices, less on screens, with people having shorter care lapses, and saying `this match, it had never been more exciting, with fantastic players coming from all over the world, but … What is the best way to make the most of it? season? "As a commissioner, Silver focused on the players' health, with earlier seasonal openings to reduce the frequency of matches in evenings, and lengthening the recess for the Stars Game. Although players are still losing games throughout the season – whether by choice or because their teams are required – often to lower their charges.

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"I think a valid point for fans could be if science ultimately suggests that 82 games are too much for these players, maybe you should not have a season of 82 meetings ", Delimited Fewer games could mean lower revenues, unless they could be replaced by something that generates so many or more spectators. To do this, Silver mentioned the reduction in the number of meetings, the creation of a new mid-season tournament, or even the games lasting less than 48 minutes.

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The top manager of the NBA has, on many occasions, been an example of the world of football, domestic champions also have national and international cups.

Despite this, There is no date to change the format or the calendar. Not even an estimate of when conversations could begin. But …

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