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Yutuberos, the secret weapon of Google to use Google Assistant


Yutuberos, the secret weapon of Google to use Google Assistant

First of all, no, we are not going crazy. the Real Academia de la lengua española Surprising a few days ago when I accepted words like "Wasap" for WhatsApp or "yutubero" by the famous YouTubers. If you are part of this latter and you are a content creator you have to know what Google has a secret weapon for you to use Google Assistant. The company has recruited a large number of YouTube stars for highlight the benefits of the function routines of your Assistant.

Through a post on his official blog, Google has announced that to highlight this feature of his Assistant he had the help of content creators of the size of Todrick Hall, TheSorryGirls, Jackie Aina, Lele Pons, Karina Garcia and The Action Lab. Each one of them has done a video that shows the automation features and home appliances They can be used by their followers in their daily routines.

The Google Assistant is able to give a report on weather, weather or read the most important news of the day every morning, among other functions, with so often saying: "Hey, Google, good morning." The company calls it routine, Which means that a command will launch a lot of actions. The assistant has a lot of routines already done, Even the users can create their own.

Create videos to highlight the routine functions

Google puts an example on one of its workers, who when organizing a party said "Hey, Google, it's time to party." At this moment the lights dimmed, the music started to ring and the disco ball started to rotate. A fact that made the company think that They challenge other people to create their own routines customized, Starting with the six above-mentioned YouTubers.

Each one of them has uploaded to his personal account a specific video in which they use the Google Assistant in a way that helps them get or do something. The curious thing about this promotion is that the company has not had the need to censor the words of competition, such as "IPhone" or "iOS"They have even created unique spaces for each content creator.

A promotion that serves to show how easy it is to achieve home automation almost entirely with very little effort and to get more people who are interested in the entire Google Home ecosystem. If you have entered the curiosity, you are always in time to customize your own routines.

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