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& # 39; Truly Perfect & # 39; Djokovic looks at Federer's record


Rafael Nadal congratulates Novak Djokovic on his own

Rafael Nadal congratulates Novak Djokovic on his "perfect match".Credit:AP

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Tonight, Djokovic, 31, eclipsed the six wins of the Australian Open by Roy Emerson. He met Emerson soon, briefly. "Mr. Emerson said he was upset about me, because I broke the record," he said.

Djokovic also surpassed the 14 great titles won by his childhood hero, Pete Sampras. Djokovic remembered picking up a racket after seeing Sampras win Wimbledon in 1992. There was no tennis tradition in her family or Serbian mountain community, but now, and it's literally unmatched.

"It was definitely a sign of fate to start playing tennis, to become as good as Pete," he said. "To overcome it with great slam titles, I'm without words."

Given the possibility of winning four consecutive races. To do so, he would have won Christmas in his most jealously protected territory, the Roland Garros clay, where he has won 11 titles.

Novak Djokovic at the time of the win at Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic at the time of the win at Australian Open.Credit:EPA

Rod Laver, for one, thinks it is feasible for Djokovic. "I have to work on my clay track game. I have to play better than I had last season," he said. "The final challenge is to win against Nadal. Then you have Thiem and Zverev, you will probably play Roger. There are many fantastic players who can challenge me or anyone else in the clay."

And then there's the 20-title Federer record. Time and aging will be factors, but now we maintain its respectful distance.

"How many seasons must come? I do not know," said Djokovic. "I'm not trying to think too much about progress. I would like to focus definitively on continuing improving the game and maintaining the general well-being that I have mental, physical, emotional, so I could compete at such a high level. , and will have an opportunity to approach Roger's registration. He's still far away. "

Long before the past, although only 12 months ago, elbow surgery left aside, caused his ranking to fall and make him doubt he would play this standard again.

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"I was not playing well, I did not feel well on the track, I asked everything," he said. "I am doubting whether I will be able to play everyone at this level because I did not know to what extent the operation of my elbow would affect my game."

He says that now nothing would change, because he learned a lot. Twelve months ago, the idea that now it would have three major titles in its name was "not impossible, but very improbable," he said.

"I do not want to sound arrogant, but I always believe in myself," he said. "I think this is probably the greatest
The secret to my success is self-confidence, always deep in times when I face adversity, seeing myself as a winner, trying to be in a positive state. It's much easier to say than to do, obviously. "

And there was still Djokovic, making Great Christmas appear a second classified in the Australian Open final.

"I do not want to say that I imagined it, because I do not want to get any results in the future," he said. "I could have imagined it for the meeting, but not for life.

"I am sure we will still have many matches between them on different surfaces. I really hope we do it because this rivalry has been the most important rivalry, the one that has hit the personal and professional level that most of my life" .

Djokovic and Nadal have faced an extraordinary 53 times more than any other player. Djokovic leads 28-25. In the final finals, they are 4-4.

"One thing is certain," said Djokovic, "we both strive to improve in the future regardless of what happens."

3-300 classified players will thank you for nothing.

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