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A triple killer wants to be released from prison


The widow of a policeman who was killed by a man who killed him twice is convinced that he will "kill again".

Anne Haidon's husband, Sergeant Keith Haidon, 37, was killed in a forest in Lake Mackuarie by Bervin Rees in November 1980. Rees was on the run at that time after killing two people who owned a cannon Rae James and his buyer Christopher Greenfield in Sydney three years earlier.

Both men shot at the back of the head in the empty space.

On the night of 1980, when she lost her husband, she came in search of Mrs. Haidon, because Rees is trying to file a suspended sentence – and the State Department for the State of Paula Nevada South Valesa has discovered that she has formed the intention to grant conditional freedom to Reese , Current affairprijavili.

She recalls a moment when she learned that her husband died a terrible death.

"I knew as soon as they entered and I said," How bad is it? "

The answer simply confirmed his doubts.

"And he said it was the worst."

Sergeant Hajdon was killed in the back, but he was also killed two more times – in the immediate vicinity. He investigated reports of shots in the bush heard by forestry workers; media reports at that time suggest that there were practical footage that Rees left from his hidden location.

Ms. Haidon is convinced that the murder will continue if Rees is released from prison.

"If he goes out, he will kill again if he enters the corner."

After the execution of the sergeant Haidon, Rees contacted another policeman face-to-face when Constable Alekander Pietrusz pulled him away while driving.

G. Pietruszka said for Current affair how close he was, and the bullet passed only for millimeters and fired "without warning".

"The first bullet passed through my hair … The second bullet slipped my way because I turned to the side, the third shot hit me there, happily hit the rib and refused," said now a retired officer.

He was able to fire two shots back – and while he did, he noticed something terrifying for the killer.

"This man was nothing," he said.

"I can not explain to anyone how cold it is, how impotent, just – just evil."

Mr. Pietruszka agreed with Ms. Haidon – Rees was not trusted and it was dangerous.

"I believe it's somewhere deep in it, it's still evil hidden."

The pig owner's daughter, Ray James, said it was a 2GB Rai Hale program

"Inadmissible" to be allowed to go freely.

"What he did was just incredibly bad with so many families and letting go into the streets was just crazy," said Traci James.

Rees once used to be "one of the coldest killers who ever entered prison in New South Wales" – and yet he could have been a few days off.

The final decision on whether to release Reese or keep it behind the bars is brought by a five-member panel of the State Steering Board, with a public hearing to be held on Friday.

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