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Afine's businessman from Pauline Hanson's Affair, an online reaction, is astonishing


The emotional television interview of Pauline Hanson in the wake of the last nation's scandal provoked an unexpected response.

The tuning politician went to the resignation of the leader of his party in Queensland, after a hidden image of his visit to the racist and sexist club had been produced, when it was broken.

It is the last damaging claim that has occurred, just a few weeks since the federal elections, which have contributed to a collapse in supporting the right party.

His main vote has halved explosive revelations about Mr. Dickson's trip to the U.S. with James Ashby, chief of Sen. Hanson's staff, to ask for millions of dollars of gunships in exchange for a push to relieve the laws of firearms in Australia.

"I am all this and all that and I am sick of all this! Absolutely ill," said Senator Hanson A current affair the host of Tracy Grimshaw.

"I had Fraser Anning, I had Brian Burston, I have a whole list of them. David Oldfield: Call them where are they now? Are they they? I kicked the horn over and over again. It's just before # 39 ; a choice. "

Senator Hanson, who was sometimes so overcome that he could not speak, said the last scandal left her "devastated."

Social networks came up with sympathy after the interview came to light, and many attacked the Grimshaw interview style.

"A terrible behavior on your part," wrote a commentator on on Facebook.

"The media have been reduced to prevent them from getting votes," said another.

While another one wrote: "If ACA is trying to push it to the limit … I think it has worked in an opposite way."

The feeling on Facebook was very welcoming, and most of the response from Senator Hanson's response to the images of the stripping club only increased his support for One Nation.

"You may not be a fan of Hanson, but you can not deny that this woman is passionate, determined and true to her cause," a commentator wrote.

"I was voting for the Work, that has changed the opinion of a Nation."

Talking to Sunrise this morning, David Oldfield, co-founder of a nation, said the interview was "true" Pauline Hanson.

"She is on the march because she goes to Pauline," he said. "Once again, this is a matter of understanding Pauline's agenda and what drives him.

"There are no crocodile tears there, that is genuinely Pauline. People who love it. And for her, saying she's a fighter. People who do not like them, will be thinking that it is a terrible act. He will support you, solidify those who are already with her, and will continue and continue. "

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Dan Nolan, a Channel 9 journalist, responsible for the strip-strip club's piece on Monday night, appeared in the open air yesterday evening to discuss senator Hanson's interview.

"People have never seen Pauline's side," said Nolan. "She is a divisive character. Politics have not been kind to these women."

Nolan recalled Senator Hanson's jail in prison for electoral fraud before the sentence was annulled by appeal and said that "he has a history of bad men in a party that makes bad decisions."

"Here was Pauline today very visibly annoyed in a dirty interview talking about another bad chapter of her party," he said.

"Many people will be sorry for her."

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The reaction to the interview was not all positive, but: some critics claimed that Hanson Senator's "tears of crocodiles" were a trick to save their votes.

On Twitter, he was attacked to try to represent himself as the "emotional victim, without fault and martyrdom."

One wrote: "Imagine how many tears were thrown by innocent families when they got up in parliament and attacked children with autism without evidence or facts to back up their uneducated views. What's around. "

The scandal has left a nation in a political crisis less than three weeks after the vote on May 18.

Today, senator Hanson was murdered by a press conference on Queensland property after answering questions about Mr. Dickson.

In the images of the stripping club, filmed by the Al Jazeera station, the 56-year-old married girl says at a time that "I have become more Asian than I know what to do."

Senator Hanson said this morning that Al Jazeera had "comfortably" donated the tapes A current affair Weeks out of federal elections, but could not "ignore or appreciate" the images.

The Middle East transmitter denies the approval of the recording, saying he let the stripping club of Mr. Dickson expose himself to the original "voting currency" because it was not of public interest.

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