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As Princess Alessandra of Hanover is copying the style of Kate Middleton

A much lesser known but equally beautiful princess has been imitating the style of Kate Middleton with amazing results.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has very little tangible power, unlike in past centuries, when a grumpy HRH could send a misbehaving courtier to the Tower to cast a spell or he could casually grab his soft hand and take over. owned by dolphins from an entire nation. (Those were the days, right?)

She can’t, nor will she ever, grumble grumpily “with her head” and that’s exactly what happens when the ration of her afternoon low-carb mix is ​​served in the wrong China.

But a front on which all your statements and movements have a great ripple effect when it comes to fashion.

The so-called Kate effect is worth a lot of money. In 2012, the year after she married her husband, Prince William, it was estimated that she was worth $ 1.8 billion to the British fashion industry.

While she may not be fixing exactly the heart of high-end fashion with her stubborn devotion to predictable floral dresses and conservative blazer / pants combos (which are too old for a woman who is still over 30 years), the woman can move mountains (literal) of product.

Although it is her sister-in-law Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, who has the innate style, Kate has developed a very clear and defined look with beautiful dresses, clean tailoring and a certain feminine femininity.

Which is what makes Princess Alessandra of Hanover’s wardrobe of beautiful dresses, clean tailoring and some feminine femininity so striking.

Now, before you go check out your copy of Burke’s Royal families of the world (from the same people who brought you the must-have Burke’s Couple), Let me explain. Alessandra, 33, is a former model who married Prince Christian of Hanover in a small civil ceremony in late 2017. (She is Prince Harry of the German noble house of Hanover FYI, who is the ancestor of the ‘current Windsor house).

In March 2018, Alessandra and Christian remarried at St. Peter’s Basilica in Lima, launching the Society’s Year of the Year, with Kate Moss, her boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismark, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie participating in the glamor bash. .

Prince Christian is the youngest son of Prince Ernst August of Hanover, who married Princess Caroline of Monaco in 1999. Ernst August has been in hot water repeatedly over the years, and most recently, in March of this year, he was given a ten-month suspended prison sentence in Austria for drunkenly injuring a police officer and threatening another with a baseball bat.

(He is currently suing his eldest, confused son also named Prince Ernst August, after the 38-year-old Marienburg Castle, which his father had given him twenty years ago, sold to the German state after he faced a $ 43 million impaired property renovation bill.)

Anyhoo, the family disputes aside, although Alessandra could have a pretty impressive title, she doesn’t come with the workload or responsibilities that her British counterpart has been affected by. Still, when it’s out for public events, they’re dresses that seem to have been sucked straight from Pinterest’s secret Kate boards.

Grab it in March 2018 when Alessandra and Christian tied the knot in a big helmet of a religious ceremony in their native Peru in a dress that looked amazingly in Kate McKueen’s Alexander dress. The choice of the newly minted princess in a high-necked lace lining over a love bodice, full skirt, tiara, and cathedral train had a remarkable degree of resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress. (That said, both costumes have a huge debt to that of the truly iconic number Grace Kelly wore when she married Prince Rainier in 1956).

In October 2018, Christian and Alessandra were part of the Euroroyal contingent for Eugenie’s wedding to tequila ambassador Jack Brooksbank. (Doubts about Jack’s arrival at the royal roll encouraged those long days in Sandringham.)

For this outing, she chose a medium length green dress with a floral appliqué and a mesmerizing one. Now, if there is one color that Kate has slowly adopted and turned it into a true green color in various shades.

The high neck, fluted sleeves, and clutch seemed to have come straight out of Kate’s playbook.

Below is the dress Alessandra chose for a 2019 reception in Madrid, by Peruvian President Martin Alberto Vizcarra in honor of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain at the El Pardo Palace.

She, again, combined a particularly feminine green and purple drawing dress with a clutch and coordination bombs, which is Kate’s territory of textbooks. (For extra points, the average cane length is also a classic Kate move.)

2019 was also the wedding in Paris of Prince Jean-Christophe Napoleon and Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinneberg, for whom Alessandra clung to her guns, opting for a blue over white knee-length dress. Did he wear a fascinator, matching bombs and a clutch? Bet on your crown that was.

(Curious facts: that wedding united the imperial house of France with the house of the Habsburgs for the second time, with a shockingly photogenic couple who followed in the footsteps of their ancestors Napoleon Bonaparte I, Emperor of France and his wife, Archduchess Marie -Louise of Austria who married 1810.)

It is interesting, then, that Kate has not worn once but twice a blue over white dress by LK Bennett (in 2014 and 2016) with a very comparable floral pattern.

This week, Alessandra, who welcomed twins with Christian last year, shared a sponsored post on her Instagram for high-end jewelry brand Chaumet, dressed in a sleek white blazer.

But it’s interesting: stylish blazers, including red, white, blue, green, and gray, have become a staple of Kate’s work attire. (Only last week did he return to work after his mysterious and inexplicable 66-day absence with a beige double-breasted Reiss number).

Now, I’m not suggesting that Alessandra surreptitiously chase Kate’s myriad-style look and make her imitate her. Rather, Kate has had ten full years to really nail a characteristic look and following her example is a smart move.

The 39-year-old mother has spent the past decade perfecting and perfecting her wardrobe basics to make sure she walks in the very fine line between repetitively soft and distractingly adventurous and creative. His work demands that he be elegant enough to calm the masses, but not so much that he is deprived of good deeds or gives the impression that he is an alarm clock horse.

Rather, Kate and Alessandra are clearly very elegant women who put on a good way to dress, even if it is very complementary.

Next week, Kate will join Prince William and his in-laws (Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall) for the premiere of Bond’s new film, There is no time to die), the first time we will see her dressed in formal clothes since December 2019.

Door. That. Turned on.

As an ex Vogue icon Andre Leon Talley once infamous once said, “It’s a hunger for beauty! My eyes are starving for beauty!”

Whatever Kate’s dress, will we see Alessandra get in touch with identikit soon? He will do it if he is smart.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with several of Australia’s leading media titles.

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