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Bach Bach's stellar hated being titled "clinger zinc."


Cass Wood has opened on the label of a "stage five" clip on The Bachelor, which reveals the nickname of his mental health.

Wood reached the top three of the season last year The Baccalaureate but was the subject of jokes and memes of the fans of the first broadcast of the day.

The viewers mocked the hair extensions and their attitude angrily to the show, accusing Wood of "chasing" Nick Cummins towards The Baccalaureate When it arose, the two had dated earlier.

In an advertising video posted on YouTube, Wood admitted that being turned into a laugh on the Internet had been difficult to manage.

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"Everything in Australia was watching you, they were watching this edited version of you and invented everything they wanted to think about you, and in fact it was really sucked up, the first really really sleepless weeks," he said.

"And I did not even know what this meant (before), but I would be trending on Twitter. I only went through all the tweets and everything that people said: honestly it was so horrible.

"I can not believe what people would say. How can one say those things about someone?"

While friends and family had warned him to stay away from the Internet while he was The Baccalaureate Aired, Wood ignored his advice and, on the other hand, "read everything."

"At night, I had memes made about me, about dubious extensions, so things are just beginning," he said.

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"And then it was crazy Cass, storming Cass and then fifth scene. Honestly, people told me not to read it and you say I will not read it, but you read it.

"I read a lot everything: all the comments, all the photos, all the tweets, all the articles of mass media, and really, it is a shit".

Woods also described his shooting time The Baccalaureate as "emotionally draining", that only "continued" from the exit of its exit to the television.

In response to a fan who asked if it was edited to look like a clinger of the fifth stage, Wood said: "I do not want to wrap myself in the program either as the edition or whatever .

"But all I say is that it is a television show, very much edited, because it can really make you become what you want."

Wood also explained his famous "dream diary", where he read a description of his perfect man for Cummins, who had to sit there twinkling.
The incident led Woods to ridicule himself online, especially since some of the pages seemed to be blank.

But there was a big problem.

"I was definitely reading for something, (but) it was not my dream newspaper," he said. "I do not have a newspaper of dreams and, besides, I do not have a newspaper".

After The Baccalaureate, Wood gave again to the television of the reality Licensed in paradise but it came out after he finished his romance with Richie Strahan.

Since then he has found his own happy ending out of the franchise and is faced with rugby player Tyson Davis.

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