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Big iPhone 11 with leaks: specifications, prices and release date


We are in full leak season right now, as we launch the Apple iPhone series 11. While Apple has not yet confirmed the final design, case factories offer constant information from design concepts to fictional phones. Here you have everything we know right now.

What can you expect from the Apple iPhone 11

With most of the leading Android smartphone makers who have released their emblematic models for 2019, attention is now taking place in Cupertino to see what Apple has in the store. Although some improvements are predictable, there are some updates that we should do while there are also some wild cards. What can we expect from the iPhone 2019?

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Leaks often occur during the months leading up to a release, as Apple has to provide the case and accessory companies with fictitious models to make sure their products fit. These fictitious models often show the physicality of the next versions, but leave the software features in your images.

This latest leak comes from the brand YouTuber Marques Brownlee, who got the hands of these iPhone models 11 and released a seven minute video about it. In it, he claims that the dummies are the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R. So, as we get closer to the months when Apple traditionally announces and publishes new iPhone models, we examine what we know and what we can reasonably predict about the upcoming releases.


The exhaust was quite clear in terms of specifications, but the camera is an obvious change in design. Despite some who consider that it looks like a horrific phone button, the three-camera matrix could finally allow Apple to stay up to date with camera quality competition. According to Bloomberg, it is assumed that it offers an advanced 3D and stereo vision vision, with the front camera ("selfie") that offers an upgrade to 12 megapixels.

In terms of processing power, there really is no information, but it will probably be an update of the Bionic A12 chips that current models use now. Apple is thinking about the design and maintains its controversial position, but minimizes its presence.


Last year, Apple launched its most expensive handsets ever. IPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were marketed at $ 1229, $ 1629 and $ 1,799 respectively. It is unlikely that Apple will change this pricing program with an improved camera and processor introduction. If that is the case, Apple will not offer any middle level entry to compete with the Google Pixel series or even with the Oppo Reno Z.

However, most people pay for this huge cost within their monthly plans, so expect around $ 100 per month in payments and service charges.

Publication date

Previous iPhone models are usually announced at the beginning of September and are published to retailers a few weeks later in October. We suspect that Apple will continue with this launch model, as it seems to work quite well for them. A loss of a Verizon document in the United States, of Evan Blass filter, suggests that launching the iPhone this year could be a "late" release.

In the meantime, if you do not want to get the latest model, check out this interactive table to get the best deals available for the current iPhone XR.

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