Wednesday , August 4 2021

Coles launches Best Buys home range to compete with Aldi

Coles is really stepping up its Best Buy game with the launch of a sleek range of household items that will hit stores on Friday, April 9th.

It’s not an area you normally associate with the supermarket giant, but it’s really giving its rivals, like Aldi, a run for its money after announcing it will offer a limited edition range to cater to budget lovers. .

The new range, developed in collaboration with home product brand Marketlane, includes more than 30 coordinated pieces of fake plants, elegant photo frames and prints, and scented candles, starting at $ 6.99.

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But perhaps most impressive is a real marble side table, which sells for just $ 49.99.

Those who have been looking for something similar will know that designer versions can cost more than triple the price.

“The Best Buys range has proven to be so popular with customers in the past, where we have seen products such as the air fryer, oven and electric blower in just a few days,” a Coles spokesman told .

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“We believe we have a real winner here with the modern marble table at such an affordable price that we believe customers will love it.”

The table top is sealed with 100% marble and has a sturdy black metal frame.

The retail giant will also sell an ottoman for $ 39.99, and we all know how popular they can be.

The Coles version is a sleek two-tone, two-color fiber ottoman that only requires a clean stitch.

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If you want to decorate your home with candles, you’ll be in luck, as as part of the limited edition, Coles will also sell vanilla scented candles, gardener’s pots on wooden legs, and a set of two ceramic pears. priced at $ 6.99.

Plant enthusiasts will also be thrilled to know that they can capture a violin leaf plant in a basket for $ 49.99.

“Our homes have become our shelters over the last year, so we are thrilled to join forces.

with a new and emerging brand, Marketlane, to offer our customers the opportunity to buy

household items with incredible value and fashion that you would normally find in a department or household items

“said Coles general manager for non-food products Jonathan Torr.

“The range is fully coordinated, so that, as part of its daily grocery store, customers

they can decorate their homes with pieces that they know will work very well together. “

However, customers are advised to act quickly, as the collection will only be available for a limited time at 200 Coles stores across the country until stocks run out.

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