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Column of James Weir: great contradiction of Marie Kondo


Marie Kondo is a well-organized contradiction.

When you do not give a soft note to the strangers houses, they will origami their underwear and tells you to throw in all their books, narrow their own books that, in turn, let their devotees go to the spaces newly degraded.

You are an evil genius, Kondo.

It seems that everybody is a Japanese 34-year-old guru. The day began with the world transfixed by his show Netflix Tidying Up, where he travels across America and finds himself in very disordered couples who do not have echoes with excuses about why his home is full of so much fucking.

He listens patiently, catching his knees delicately and shows an unequaled amount of tolerance to the noisy children of the owners.

It's like a more stylish Mary Poppins, but without all the coats and umbrellas and carpet bags, because that's just a mess.

Then she whisperes to her translator, deletes a lot of rubbish and artistically doubles the rest. Suddenly, the house is clean and everyone cries joyfully.

Fans everywhere try to execute Kondo's teachings in their own homes. They can not get enough of that. Except when it comes to books.

Kondo's theory of books has provoked a strong impulse, with the guru encouraging customers to come out of a group of dust collectors. The nerds everywhere were outraged and acted as if Kondo finished quietly starting a stack of first editions and lit them.

Throughout the world, more than four million copies have been sold from their own tom The magic that changes the life of the order. Currently, some local bookstores are sold out of copies.

Kondo's Bible on how to get rid of your life of disorder is becoming disorder in coffee tables and shelves around the world.

In innumerable homes, you'll probably push between copies of The secret i The Catcher In The Rye – The three books share a similarity because they were never read to the conclusion by the owner and now they are always meant to be: disorder.

Kondo-mania is clearly a corporate pyramid plan. The more books about the organization it publishes, the more disorders its devotees will bring to their homes. Then, following the law of KonMari, they purify and throw everything, including the books of their savior.

Oh, serenity. But it's fleeting.

Suddenly, Kmart launches more rubbish in pink gold and Aldi begins to sell an ugly chair and, suddenly, the homes of the devotees become disorderly. What to do? They have to repurchase the bible of Kondo. It is a dangerous cycle.

Trying to make your house look like in a hotel room is an impossible task, so stop trying. It's like the hope of getting the "zero entry mailbox" evasive. The second you have achieved, an avalanche of raw advice around you and you have to start over.

Nobody has the origami time of their clothes and they play it together in the drawer of a Danish showcase.

Clothing lives in three areas: the drying frame, the washing basket or the random chair in the corner of your room. This last location is for new clothes that you have only used once, but only their hands are washed and nobody has time to wash their hands, so that the chair will remain, it will never return to use

I know many people who have tried and have failed KonMari's way of life. Some stopped halfway. Others have come to the bagged stage and now they have a little on the front door or the start of their car. Just as clothing from the hand only clothes in the random bedroom chair, these diverse scrap bags will not reach another destination.

The lack of success these friends and colleagues have had is not surprising. They, like their homes, are all the mess and they will never change.

And you are not you either. So let your t-shirts light up immediately.


Only three weeks in the new year and there is already a lot of irritation.

Just like coworkers who keep enthusiastically asking everyone: "So how was your Chrissie ?!"

O Bird box Memes I think I understand but I can not say for sure because I could not bother watching the movie.

And then, there is the strange space between the hosts in the new look Today show panel. This has been very trapped in people's crops.

"The void between each person is not even and the counter is too small," a spectator wandered to the Facebook page of the show, minutes debut on Monday. Too straight

They would not pass strange breaches Sunrise. Kochie, Sam and Nat would have an adjustment if they were to air unequally. It would be humiliating.

Some of you may turn your eyes on nitpicking and, I agree, it's a trivial thing to bother yourself. But the night selection is fun and, the more annoying it is the annoyance, the better. So choose a night or rotate the page.

Aside from strange space, it also bothers us to shave gillette machines. Just wait. Bother us The company was in the headlines this week thanks to a new commercial business. Maybe we bother people who he did not do it like the ad. I do not know. Many online opinion pieces were written by people who always have many opinions about this type of thing and have not read any of them.

We also shake # 10YearChallenge that everyone sends us spam messages to Instagram. Nobody does not care that he used to have advice and a ring of eyebrow.

The purpose of the challenge is not really clear, but more people must follow the steps of everyone's favorite Real housewife Lisa Rinna.

"I'm not doing this challenge of 10 years. I looked at the king in 2009 and now I think it's even better," he said.

Today, MEGA-CASH-TO-ROO travel today

One thing after the other at Today show First, the debut of his renewed panel was ruined by a strange space, and then there was an alleged mistake with the Mega-Cash-to-Roo Giveaway.

Who could have predicted a mistake in a contest called Mega-Cash-to-Roo Giveaway? This would never have happened if Karl was there.

A Today The viewer talked about his anguish after having challenged technical difficulties when the $ 40,000 bid was lost in cash from the show.

Jenny Baker, headquartered in Mackay, says he answered his phone to three rings and called: "I wake up with Today" under the line, according to the rules of the game. I would have earned $ 40,000.

But he found himself in silence. And to the air, the hosts and the spectators did not hear anything, which meant that Nine could not give it a penny. Damn Ts & Cs.

Obviously, there are some changes to the Mega-Cash-to-Roo Giveaway. The phones are not reliable. Instead of that, he escapes Georgie in a tail tank and then gets to Deb Knight to exploit him a cash bonus. Whatever the money stick is what the home visitor gets to keep.

This is the only solution.

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