Saturday , May 8 2021

Daili Telegraph October 2018. Neilsen Digital Content Ratings delivered a staggering 293% increase in digital subscriptions, simultaneously increased audiences by 1.5 percent, revealed Nielsen's digital content content for October 2018.

In October, attracted 2,857,734 unique readers.

This is a monthly increase of 1.5% or 42,041 people or about the same amount of punters that were on their way to Roial Randvick for $ 13 million Everest.

The results come after quality The Daili Telegraph's high-quality journalism is also responsible for almost tripling the number of digital subscriptions made in the same month last year.

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Daili Telegraph Editor Ben English said: "It's a pleasure for people to respond to our commitment to premium content. With projects like Voodoo Medics, The Daili Telegraph continues to deliver to our readers."

Weekly telegraphic editor Mick Carroll said: "One of the satisfying aspects of the results is a strong performance of premium content on Sundays. People have shown that they are willing to pay the quality content that was the main book of weekly newspapers and retain on our website for a long time."

media_cameraSubscribers also read the digital replica of the newspaper as it was printed that day

The deputy editor of Daili Telegraph and Peter Braun, digital writer, said: "October again proved that Australians will pay high-quality digital journalism. Ignore journalism and immoralities – the pressing journalism is vivid and good and without a doubt is the best way forward.

"Our reporting on the NRL Grand Finals, Bathurst 1000 and The Everest was the second for nothing, and our readers showed their gratitude by exchanging their hard-earned dollars."

However, Brown discovered that this was the greatest success of the self-supporting multidisciplinary documentary Voodoo Medics, Kristin Shorten, set by

"Voodoo Medics … vow," added Brovn.

"Voodoo Medics is now our latest news subscription for the whole time. It's an amazing video documentary about exceptional elite Australian combat medicine, which must be seen.

"Our readers were caught up with it, and it's not a coincidence that it resonated so broadly, because our subscribers gave aggressors news that they can not simply offer it for free." is number 10 in October DCR with only free news sites, aggregators "cut and paste" and "measured subscriptions" Sidnei Morning Herald and Age above it.

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October DCR includes SMH and The Age for the first time, but they were measured, not premiums. This means that their users can read many, many stories on multiple devices before they are asked to subscribe., where free daily newspapers are also published, is the Australian newspaper site No1 with a unique audience of 9,806,085 people, which is 3.9% more monthly per month.

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