Saturday , May 8 2021

Detective Pikachu is remixed by Alek Jones's voice and somehow feels right

New trailer Detective Pikachu the film has caused a lot of controversy when it is first on the internet on Monday. Ryan Reynolds pronounces a yellow strange monster and people have it emotions about that choice.

But one Twitter user has now corrected the film by adding exactly what this film needs: The voice of conspiracy theories Alek Jones.

Video editor and famous YouTube Dolou Dark Dolm created a remix trailer and is now 100% better. Well, if not better, then … enough psychotic enough for 2018.

If you did not see the real trailer Detective Pikachu but for comparison, here you are. There's nothing at all, I guess.

Alek Jones, who is banned from Twitter and Facebook, is almost felt as a retro-news when he appears on these platforms. Do you remember early in 2018? Then we were such doors.

The InfoVars conspiracy theorist said earlier that the attacks of 9-11 were an internal matter and that the Sandi Hooka massacre orchestrated the US government using actors. Twenty-six children and six adults were killed in the 2012 Sandi Hook Primary School.

It was not a government plot, but Jones did not care. He just wants to sell his overpriced vitamins.

It's funny to see it in the voice of Pikachu, but the idiot InfoVars is not really a stranger to acting. Jones is shown in the movie Real life (2001) after meeting the director Richard Linklater, better known for films such as Boy (2014) i Dazed and Confused (1993).

You can watch a Jones video played on YouTube with a conspiracy sign. Difficult to say the difference, huh?

Now everything is completely shaken, so we can accept it. Things are not coming back to normal soon. Bring Alex Jones Poker, bring the president who feared the rain, and bring angry fish of the monsters to expel their nightmares. Let's go weird.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu opens in theaters on May 10, 2019, provided everyone lives to see that date. I do not hold my breath.

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