Sunday , April 11 2021

Emergency warning issued by Grantville that threatens to fire out of control

It is said residents are going to the Grantville Information Center on the 1504 Bass Highway.

It is believed that the fire began at the Grantville Natural Reserve on Friday earlier, but firefighters could not stop it because of an inaccessible shrubland.

About 10 airplanes fought against the fire and tried to suppress the spread of fire, said a spokesman for the control center's state at 7 pm.

An image of the fire burning in Glen Forbes taken from the South Gippsland freeway at Lang Lang.

An image of the fire burning in Glen Forbes taken from the South Gippsland freeway at Lang Lang.Credit:David McAlpine

"Adams Estate could hit any time in the next 90 minutes," said the warning issued shortly before 6pm.

"Leaving now is the safest option, before the conditions become too dangerous. Emergency Services may not be able to help you if you decide to stay."

Fire forest management Andrew Graystone, from Victoria, told ABC that the fire was being created in coastal communities of gums.

"So it is very flammable, very dry, and there is a strong wind that means that the fire is very hot," he told ABC.

"The fire is about 300 meters southwest of the Adams Estate and it's moving very fast towards this farm."

He added that the fire crews had the hope of containing fire once they left the reserve.

"Once the fire moves from the bush reservoir, it's becoming more rural properties and we hope we have a better chance to contain it once it's gone," said Graystone.

A second emergency warning was also issued for residents of Tanjil South, a rural town in Victoria, seven kilometers north of Moe, at 3pm on Friday.

He lowered himself to a clock and acted after 5:30 pm for all areas of the region, except for the Moe-Walhalla road, where homes are still at risk.

A forest fire, which is not yet under control, travels towards the Moe-Walhalla Road.

Around 25 fire truck remain in the scenario.

The fire began in the Moondarra state park and traveled parallel to the transmission lines, said Emergency Victoria.

The fire is currently 10 hectares.

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