Saturday , November 27 2021

Famous people are fleeing from southern California as their deadly fire


Famous, including Kim Kardashian West and Alissa Milano, among the thousands of residents of Southern California were forced to leave their homes as firefighting areas west of Los Angeles during the weekend.

Social media publications were published by Ms. Kardashian West, Ms. Milan and other celebrities, among whom the singers Melissa Etheridge and Cher placed them among Californians who were personally affected by the rapid movements of Voolsey and Hill Fires that began on Thursday evening in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties .

Real Estate Including The House "Dr Crazy director Scott Derrickson and Paramount Ranch, a popular shooting location in Agoura Hills, California, were allegedly destroyed in flames.

Ms. Kardashian West, the reality of the television personality recently visited by President Trump in the White House, told Instagram that she had been evacuating her home in Los Angeles on Thursday night when the fire fires approached.

"I heard flames hit our property in our house at Hidden Hills, but now they are more shut down and stopped at this time," she said from her Twitter account on Friday. "It seems to be burning now, I just pray that the wind is for our benefit. God is good. I just pray that everyone will be safe."

Ms. Milan, an actress and a liberal activist involved in the MeToo movement, tweeted on Friday that she had safely evacuated the area together with her children and five horses, but that her home was "in danger".

Mr. Derrickson said in the meantime that he is certain that his residency has been devastated as a result of historical fires.

"We lost our home, but we are all safe and it's an important thing," the director said on Friday.

The shooting location used for film and television footage dating from the 1920s, Paramount Ranch was destroyed in the Voolsey fire, was confirmed Friday by the Santa Monica National Recreational Zone. Ranch bought Paramount nearly a century ago and was recently used for the Westwood set, a Western series that HBO launched in 2016.

Musicians including Cher i Mrs. Ethering, among others, said they are not sure whether their homes will survive the fire, meanwhile.

"I'm taking care of my house, but I can not do anything," Tera says. "The houses of friends are burned down. I can not bear the idea that there is no Malibu. I had a house in Malibu since 1972."

"We went to a hotel in Santa Monica where we will stay until we come back. Send the love and strength to our incredible firefighters in California," #wife, "tveeted Mrs. Etheridge.

Governor Gavin Nevs, instead of Governor Jerry Brown, who is traveling outside the state, declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles and Ventura on Friday as a result of a fire.

At least nine people died due to Saturday's fire, and more than 250,000 were asked to evacuate.

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