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Flood of Townsville: decision to release closed water, flooding the suburbs of Townsville

The gateways of the Ross River Dam will open even more tonight with homes at risk of flooding after 22 hours.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have posted an emergency warning message for residents of Cluden, Rosslea, Hermit Park, Oonoonba, Idalia and Railway Estate.

Townsville Local Management of Disaster group announced at 9 in the evening that it would open the door to escape from the Ross River dam to avoid the most significant downstream flooding, as captive flows continue in the rain scheduled for the night and tomorrow.

Probably, residents will experience an increase in floods from 10 to 23 hours.

Mayor Jenny Hill said that decisions to increase the landslide's opening "were not taken lightly".

"Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) has analyzed expert advice and the decision to open landslides will help to protect more homes against floods given this heavy rain Monsoon continues, "said Cr Hill.

"We are making a difficult decision that will impact some residents, but it will help protect many more houses in the affected suburbs.

"The TLDMG is totally focused on ensuring the right response to this huge rain event affecting our community."

Cr Hill said residents concerned about their safety should consider leaving their homes.

"The Heatley Secondary College is operating as an evacuation center for anyone who needs a safe place to stay," he said.

It came up after an automatic text message had been sent to Townsville residents, regardless of where they live, claiming that their property "may experience impending flood of the Ross River."

The text message was sent by the TLDMG at 8.45.

The capacity of the Ross River dam at 9:00 am was 190.6% or 444,494 megaliths.

Stormy precipitation and flooding continue to be a high risk in the Townsville area tonight, according to the Meteorology Office.


You have released a flood warning for Condon, Rasmussen, Kelso, Kirwan, Jensen, Burdell and Deeragun.

Townsville's Local Disaster Management Group has warned residents that they may experience heavy rainfall at the top of the high levels of flooding.

This comes after Mayor Jenny Hill announced that the water would be released from the Ross River dam, which would put Rosslea, Railway Estate, South Townsville, Idalia and Oonoonba in danger of flooding.

"This can lead to fast and fast water levels that lead to rapid flooding. It is recommended that residents move to a higher ground," said a statement.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned that houses near the Ross River are flooded this afternoon.

The office issued a flood warning for the Ross, Bohle and Black Rivers and Bluewater Creek rivers, after heavy rainfall in the Townsville region shortly after noon on Friday.

The Ross River dam is 188 percent, according to the latest readings at 5:00 pm on Friday.

It is the highest level recorded in the last 10 years, exceeding a reading of about 167 percent registered in 2009.


Residents in the lower areas will have their electricity off until a new warning.

A spokesman for Ergon Energy said that the network in low areas that have been flooded or at high risk will be extinguished for reasons of public safety.

"We will restore the entire supply when it is safe to do so, but we ask for the patience of the community in this emergency flooding situation," he said.

"Even if you have not asked to evacuate, you may lose energy because the network that your home has supplied has been affected.

"Our first priority is to keep the community safe and protect the network that serves them. It is better to turn off the energy now that it is not necessary to repair the flood damage later."

A total of 422 homes and businesses were without power to Annandale, Rosslea and Stuart from 6 pm on Friday.


More residents living near the landslide scene are being unstable by the authorities to consider evacuation.

A resident of Mueller St, Wulguru, told the Newsletter the police had begun to knock on the door to warn people that there is a risk of additional landslides in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The heavy rain caused a rock slide at Mueller St at night, passing under a house and filling the back yard and the entrance path of two others.


More than 30 fast-water rescue specialists have been deployed through the Townsville region for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

A QFES spokesman said that the number of crew in each place is fluid, but there are currently ten fast-water specialists in the Hinchinbrook Shire Council area, including two in Ingham, 12 in the Townsville City Council area and others owe to the Burdekin Shire Council area.

There are four Brisbane air rescue specialists that will be stationed in Mt Isa from Saturday.


The water has flooded many houses in the suburban town of Townsville and the neighbors are ready to get rainier.

Several people have been evacuated in all the neighborhoods including the Hermit Park and the Railway.

Marion Calliope, who lives in Windsor St at the Hermit Park, was filling sandbags to try to keep his home dry.

"We are preparing, just to be on the safe side," he said.

"The street is fine, there is no water on the street today, but if the Ross (river) breaks the banks, it is never known, so it's better to be sure to lose."

Mrs. Calliope has been living in Townsville since 2003 and said she had never seen rain like this.

"They said they have no precedent and that is definitely," he said.

"There is no need to panic until something drastic happens."

half_cameraTori Walker stands out on the front of Queens Road house flooded on the railway estate with the Tia dog, 5. Photo: Zak Simmonds


The floodgates of the Ross River Dam are now open to higher levels in an unprecedented attempt to reduce the impact of flooding in the coming days.

"Ross River Dam continues to shed," said the statement of the office.

"The levels of the river in Black Weir are increasing and currently below the minimum level of flood."

At the time of warning, Ross River at Aplins Weir stood at 1.91 meters and raised.

The river level of Wein Plots is currently above the record flood level, exceeding the previous record of 1.77 meters in 1998.

The Ross River at Aplins Weir will surpass 2.00 meters of late afternoon and can reach the high level of flood (2.90 m) during the weekend.


  • Condon
  • Rasmussen
  • Kelso
  • Kirwan
  • Jensen
  • Burdell
  • Let's see
  • Rosslea
  • Railway station
  • South Townsville
  • Idalia
  • Oonoonba

ANTICIPATED: The suburbs will be flooded, as Townsville City Council releases an unprecedented amount of water from the Ross Dam for the security of the community at large.


Mayor Jenny Hill announced that the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group had decided to open the gates, placing certain areas in danger of severe flooding.

Residents in areas such as Rosslea, Railway Estate, South Townsville, Idalia and Oonoonba have to prepare their homes for their possible flooding, which includes sand packaging and the transportation of items to higher lands.

"The reason we have made this decision is to reduce the risk of flooding based on the best data we have been able to obtain from our various sources," said Cr Hill.

half_cameraTownsville Mayor, Jenny Hill (and Deputy Prime Minister Steve Munro) runs the media at the Disaster Management Center, to update the state of floods in Townsville yesterday. Image: Michael Chambers

"We have issued an emergency alert for people in the affected areas to inform them that their properties may be at risk.

"We have not made this decision slightly.

"We have to keep in mind that our responsibility is to protect the majority of the community.

"By taking this action, we believe we can mitigate some of the risks in terms of the rain that we expect in the next three or four days."

The access to Idalia will be restricted after the opening of the doors of landslide.

half_cameraA house is flooded at Queens Road, Railway Estate. Photo: Zak Simmonds

The Main Road Department has indicated that closures will be in force at Abbott Street, Lakeside Drive and Oonoonba Road.

Residents may leave the area but will not be able to return until TLDMG so advises.





The Deputy Head of the Townsville district, Steve Munro, said he supported the Council with this decision.

The police and the State Emergency Service will pass the houses in the affected areas to notify the residents. Neighbors are asked to have a plan if their homes are flooded.

The crews of the Council will also launch sand launches to protect the homes of the area.

The Australian Defense Force will assist with the sand-throwing effort.

half_cameraYou have deployed soldiers to help with sand-lined houses in Townsville.

About 100 Townsville soldiers will deploy to help the city pull its property against other damages.

A spokeswoman for the 3rd Brigade said the army was providing troops from the 4th Regiment, the Royal Australian Artillery, the 3rd Regiment of Combined Engineers and the 3rd Battalion of Support to the Combats Service.

You also use capacities like Bushmasters in the efforts.


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Heatley High School (also called a public shelter for cyclones) has established itself as an evacuation center.

Residents of the area can head to the Heatley High School if they are worried about flooding in their homes or their safety.

The evacuation center is at 321 Fulham Road at the school gym and will have staff.

Meanwhile, the Townsville Local Disaster Management group has advised that alert text messages and emergency alerts are sent to residents potentially affected by the wet weather event.

Residents who do not receive text messages are not currently in the expected area of ​​impact.

half_cameraQueensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk and Deputy Commissioner for Police Bob Gee are addressing the media after a meeting of the State Emergency Complex Disaster Management Committee in Brisbane, Friday, February 1, 2019 to discuss the flood situation in Townsville. (AAP Image / Darren England)

At a press conference, this morning, Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said he supported the council's decision.

"We are very happy with the decision they have made and, of course, opening the doors, will leave a substantial amount of water," he said.

"I can urge all Townsville residents here just to make sure they are following all of these emergency alerts."

Dr George Wardle, director of the Meteorology Office, said he expects rain to continue during the weekend and the next week.

"What we have is a very active monsoon that is bringing exceptional weather and flooding and we will continue to see this in the coming days," he said.

"This meteorological event is unusual due to the prolonged nature of the daily rains we are seeing, we expect large totals of daily rainfall with some locations that possibly record 400 mm daily for several days.

"It really depends on the position of this monsoon channel."

Mrs. Palaszczuk said that the silver coating was an area affected by drought by seeing precipitation.

"The good news to get to the west is that some of our western communities that cross the drought really receive precipitations that are wonderful news," he said.

The police have been placed in areas where they expect a greater flood and the officers and soldiers are prison houses.

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