Thursday , October 6 2022

Former PM Eyelashers Peter Dutton, a coup trigger


Malcolm Turnbull continued with criticism of the government after he released the prime minister.

He also took a pointed retreat to the man who instigated a leadership strike, Interior Minister Peter Dutton.

Mr. Turnbull was the main speaker at the dinner party of the Australian Bar Association in Sydney last night, although journalists were banned from the event, his interlocutors heard.

Fairfak Media reporter Michael Koziol was standing on the street above the functional area of ​​Cutavai in Barangaro, where the buried prime minister could be seen through the gaps in the roof and clearly said his reactions.

"If Peter was the answer, you should ask: what was the question?" Mr. Turnbull told the crowd of great lawyers and lawyers.

Commentary has gathered "rhemes of laughter and applause," says Fairfax.

Getting notes from the street – public space – journalist said Barangaroo security personnel "searched" him and tried to drown Mr Turnbull's comments.

They voted loudly from their phones, physically held it, crashed with him, and called the police, and a woman who identifies itself as an organizer of events also played music.

Despite this, the political correspondent of Fairfax has managed to capture the famous comments, from the criticism of "rebels" who have ended their acceptance of Scott Morrison's recent position on polls.

"Rebels can not give any coherent explanation or any rational explanation," Turnbull said.

"People must take responsibility for their actions … individual deputies or senators are responsible for their actions or actions."

The worsening of the position of the coalition against the Labor Party after the coup is "foreseen and predictable," he said.

And he was aiming for Liberal's conservative wing, describing climatic skeptics like the other, and could not "play the ball" with the main lines.

Mr. Turnbull carefully selected his words as he collapsed as prime minister and abandoned politics, which caused an additional choice in his secular Liberal town of Ventworth on the rich neighboring eastern Sydney.

Dave Sharma, a party candidate who replaced Mr. Turnbulla as a long-time local member, failed and independent Kerrin Felps pulled out last month's seat.

The devastating loss is largely attributed to the instability caused by the crisis of leadership.

Mr. Turnbull was attacked by his former colleagues for not publicly supporting Mr. Sharma and because he did not rule his son's repeated criticism of Liber.

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