Saturday , April 17 2021

Get acquainted with the X2Twins, Kings of Australian Fortnite

After the weekend Fortnite The Summer Smash event, the X2Twins have been crowned as the kings of Australia Fortnite. The X2Twins are a dynamic duo that offered incredible performances both days. Jesse Eckley, half of the X2Twins, moved away from the first $ 100,000 AUD prize.

Originally drawn to the game due to popularity and the unique building concept, the X2Twins decided Fortnite It was the game to grind shortly after graduating from high school. After you've played before H1Z1 and other real battle games, your decision to concentrate Fortnite it certainly went well. We've talked to them after the triumph over how Fortnite has changed life and her plans for 2019.

The X2Twins summarized exactly how Fortnite Summer Smash won.

When you started playing, have you ever thought that you would be competing in the Australian Open?

When we started to play Fortnite we had no idea about where we were going to finish, it took us to a trip to CRAZY and we are enjoying each moment

He has had a rapid rise to fame and he definitely deserves, as has happened from casual players to the Kings of Australian Fortnite?

Increasing popularity in our streams has been absolutely crazy for us, creating such a positive community and provided that support is something we never imagined.

How do you think an event like the Australian Open can help you grow the scene?

Australia's opening was a great success for the OCE and developed its scene, shining the light on many players who bothered and showed the abilities of the regions like a whole .

What would you like to see about Fortnite events in the future?

More events like summer were surprising in the future to continue developing the region and giving players well-deserved opportunities.

Going to the AO Summer Smash event, do you have separate strategies that you have hidden one of the other or did you plan for domination?

When entering the AO we did not want to overcome anything, we just left our heads down and played our own style of play, as if we were playing at home playing a rattle.

Jesse, you won the general event, what plans do you have for the funds?

At the moment there are no great plans for money, just to keep us to take advantage of opportunities in the gaming world.

Renegades on Twitter

Is @ x2twinsTwitch King of Australia? Think so! ? Another winning interview at #AusOpen #FNSummerSmash by Jesse today!

A very professional vision. Now, you signed up with Renegades, how has the experience been one of the most recognized sports teams in the region?

The renegades have been an amazing pride to play, we take good care of ourselves and give us what we need for the highest level.

As Fortnite superstar in the region, how important is a support network for managers and agents, specifically Sozo de Renegades and the Evolved Talent team?

Sozo has played an important role in our careers, taking us under his wing and managing us from the first day. Honestly, I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for us. The evolved ones take care of us since we signed with Renegades and it has allowed us to keep the head down and take care of the distractions.

With so many terror stories, we are very pleased to know that you are taking care of yourself. For those who have just started their sports and sports careers, what would your tips be?

For those who want a professional career in games or sports, it is a hidden industry that many do not know, but it's getting faster. Having the support of family / friends is essential, as well as understanding what you are doing. Creating a name for yourself is very important when you are looking to sign with a computer / org, either through transmission or competition at the highest level.

You have recently been invited to Katowice to compete, so obviously, we'll see you in more professional events, where else can we find you?

You can find Jesse and I in streaming Twitch every day.

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