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Graham Annesley wants judges to "stay out of the game" unless it is necessary

The last time Graham Anneslei worked for the NRL, the building of the Rugby League Central building where the administration of the game was located did not exist, but it is at the main entrance plaque with his name.

"Most people just go and do not read," Annesli said during her first interview since NRL CEO Todd Greenberg persuaded her to return as head of elite football.

Having participated in the first round of St. George in Canberra in Kogarach in the fifth round of the NSVRL premiere in 1982, Annesley joined the game for a long time, except for three years spent in the NSV politics as a Liberal Party deputy for Miranda.

Even then, he had indirect participation as Minister of Sports and Recreation of the NSW. On February 10, 2012, Annesli officially opened the RLC, along with the Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, who is a member of South Sydney.

After releasing his role in the NRL eight years ago for politics, Annesli never thought he would return until Greenberg approached him to leave Gold Coast Titans, where he was director since 2013, chairman of the restructured football department.

As the former leading judge, the first video game judge, NRL's chief operating officer and CEO Titans, he is uniquely positioned.

"I will not be a quasi-judge coach," Annesli said. "Bernard Sutton will continue to be responsible for coach training and performance evaluation.

NRL Referee Henri Perenar sentenced for Snake during the 2018 season.
NRL Referee Henri Perenar sentenced for Snake during the 2018 season.
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"My job is to provide the policy and operational direction that plays the requirements of them to implement in a way that ensures the NRL's strategic plan of an exciting, open and fun football to the extent that clubs allow it to happen in a way to play the game."

However, Annette openly criticized the way the game was debated at the beginning of last season, and one of its first decisions was to provide Sutton with a senior manager of the NRL who is directly reporting to him, not Tony Archer, who received a new the role is focused on the functioning of roads and development.

Looking at 244 first class matches, as well as finals, country of origin and tests, Annesli has a clear idea of ​​how the game should be used to encourage fun.

"When I say that, I must be absolutely clear that this is not an open invitation to the teams to violate the rules and will not be punished for it," Annesli said.

"I am not naive enough to think that some teams will not push the borders or that there will be some teams that offend in some areas more than others, but my job and the job of the judges are to work with those clubs behind the scenes and warn about the consequences of their ways.

"For example, I do not think punishment is necessarily bad until it can be shown that the team has guaranteed that outcome, and the other team did not do the same thing because the focus then goes on to match this team so that it does not continue to enjoy it."

Annesli also believes that the publicly announced failures achieve a bit more than putting the center of attention on the performance of the game's officials.

"My criticism in the first half of the year was how it was done in the field, because it was more of a predetermined plan that took place in every game, no matter what happened in that game," he said. .

"Only when Todd intervened for half a year and sent his instructions to judges that in the second part of the year he became better.

I do not believe that the count of stupid sentences is necessarily bad.

Graham Anneslei

"My philosophy of official games is that the job of the officials of the game is to exclude yourself from the game, to the extent that teams allow them to get out of it.

"In other words, there are some games in which teams work well, do not push rules up to the limit, and the referee can take the back seat and let the players focus.

"There are other games that are much more difficult for judges, where they push the borders, where they are physically and this requires a different approach from the judges."

Annesli's role also includes overseeing the Premiership Telstra, including club rules through their executive directors and coaches, the judiciary, game reviews, bunker operations and women's premier NRL Holden.

"Determination is probably the most common component, but that's not the whole role," he said. "My job is not to sit on Bernard Sutton's shoulder, my job is to make sure he meets the goals of the game."

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