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Great problem with your response, coin release


Even after apologizing and staying self, Eddie McGuire can not escape from Australia's wrath.

The rejection of the latest error by the president of Collingwood continued angry as journalists and foot enthusiasts took their keyboards to explain what McGuire was doing so badly as he made another effort to add to your list of errors.

Hosting Fox Footy's coverage on Friday night on the Swans Crash against Adelaide, McGuire made fun of Cynthia Banham, a Swans ambassador, for releasing the coin before the game, proposing those Do not turn around the coin one million dollars.

What McGuire did not realize was Banham, a respected former journalist who lost both legs after a 2007 shock that killed 21 people, was the one who threw the coin.

It was another moment in the mouth for the personality of the veteran media, which has provoked outrage in recent years with comments about wanting to drown AFL journalist Caroline Wilson and suggest that Adam Goodes promote the musical comedy of King Kong a few days after the legend of the Swans had been abused by race in a game against the Magpies.

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McGuire withdrew from his television engagements for the rest of the weekend and apologized if someone was offended at his ridicule of Banham, saying he was "devastated" when he learned about the gravity of his situation .

Returning to the air waves in Triple M & # 39; s Hot breakfast This morning, McGuire said he felt "physically ill" about the controversy and that he had no idea that Banham was responsible for throwing the coin.

"I would never have made it clear to a person with disabilities," McGuire said. "It was just an unfortunate succession of events, but I have them. I did not know who did the launch, I was not watching the monitor.

"At the corner of my eyes I saw the coin that I threw and I came out with a game tangent."

But his words of remorse after this fact have not done much to curb the tide of angry replicas.


To write Western AustraliaThe well-known journalist Jenna Clarke called McGuire "a boofhead of the highest order" and pointed out that the biggest problem with her latest disaster was not the initial comments on the release of coins, but about what she did later.

Clarke said McGuire's words were all wrong. "It was his first mistake that is the most revealing in how he sees himself and the world," Clarke wrote. "Forget the Latin crest; "Sorry, you have offended" should be your motto.

"With each passing hour – or, in each case, every insensitive controversy, his legacy is getting worse.

"The fact that McGuire, an icon of the game, does not read the room, and even less its pre-game notes, suggests that it needs a while away from our screens to connect with society in 2019."

It was a subject supported by the former Swans player, Brandon Jack, who emerged with McGuire's first attempt to disable the situation.

"Immediately change the responsibility, because we are the ones who misinterpreted what he said. It's not Eddie's fault, it's our fault because we have taken it badly," Jack wrote in a Daily column.

"It's a good line to shoot, Eddie, it really is. But you said what you said in direct relation to Cynthia Banham, so do not say that you have nothing to do with her. You just did not think about how your words They can affect another person, and now you have to deal with the consequences. "

Herald Sun Mark Robinson, a footballer at the head of football, was equally small when he covered McGuire for a ugly tendency that should not be evident in someone of their importance in the football world.

"His moment and the delivery of" jokes "is the concern, since he should not apologize so many times as he has done in recent years for his poor mood," wrote Robinson.

"Everyone makes mistakes, but for a man of his position, the error in opening his mouth is not bad luck. It is a tendency. Swans want McGuire to be punished for AFL and how this is manifests will be fascinating. "


To write AgeJake Niall said by all the tremors of the whole country that he was asking for blood, "nobody will be more affected by these loose words than Eddie McGuire."

Niall said that it is ironic that McGuire was found to have trouble making insensitive comments when he was the head of Collingwood, he did so much to make the club a progressive organization with a wheelchair and women's teams and programs for homeless and indigenous Australians.

On Saturday, President Andrew Pridham, Swans, asked AFL to act on the insult of McGuire, demanding the League a "leadership", ensuring that there are consequences when something happens. this magnitude

But Niall said that there is no real concrete punishment that happens, but saying that damage to reputation will be the biggest that McGuire's disease suffers.

"The main consequence for Eddie McGuire of her last appearance on the air will be reputable and will reinforce the impact of two previous mistakes during the last six years," Niall wrote. "It is not likely that there would be any formal punishment, but even if there were, it would be largely irrelevant compared to bees in their image and sense of self.

"Fox Footy will not release him from the air. Collingwood will not disconnect him from the presidential chair he occupies for two decades and can not do much AFL to punish a television commentator who has made a clan clearly intentional and deeply embarrassing . "

While some attacks against McGuire's focus on personal defects, ABC columnist Richard Hinds believes that his comments on Banham reflect the decline in sports standards McGuire has contributed to.

"For broadcast sports consumers, McGuire's criticisms about coin throwers were just another example of the rapid degeneration of sporting comment and analysis," wrote Hinds.

"The pertinent question about McGuire's comments, rightly raised by ABC's national sports editor, David Mark, did not address his own observations.

"That's why McGuire would do them during a sports broadcast.

"In this sense, McGuire fell into a trap that had helped to create itself, and even pioneered his role in the world AFL Footy Show – The false bravado, the joke and the joke that now disguise serious comments about sports on some platforms.

"If your brand of comments is the kind of juvenile joke commonly exchanged by boring people on the counter-top counter to a trigonometric class, then you will have to have problems before or after – or in the case of McGuire, both" .

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