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History says – Zipping Classic Dai


Zipping has won the last class of Sandovn as a favorite $ 2 (Image: Slickpik)

Sandown's Big Spring Day has a reputation as a day for players, but did the record support it? History says it explores.

Record books show that Sender was officially a $ 61 chance when he won the 2006 Guinea Sandwich, but those who supported him were paid with a profit dividend of more than $ 110.

Five years later So Svift won the same race at $ 19, while Petrologi ($ 14) is another upset winner of the 1600-meter group 2 that is the highlight of the last metro meeting of the Spring Carnival.

It's a bit ironic that Sandown's only meeting of spring carnival has a reputation as a day for players.

Well, players who like to get to those in the main market.

Sender could exacerbate most of the squares with his victory in Guinea, but this was an exception rather than a rule at that meeting. No other winner started more than $ 8, and seven out of nine were sent 6 dollars or shorter with four favorites successfully.

This is a trend that continued in the coming years, and since the beginning of this 2006 Sandovn card, he had $ 10 for each favorite or equally favorite, at the official starting price, they would collect $ 1,331.50 for $ 1,140 of expenditure.

Punters is often reminded on November 15, 2008 when Instructor ($ 4ef), Gran Sasso ($ 3.80), yesterday (3.70), Captain Bak ($ ​​4.20), Caimans (3.20) , Zipping ($ 2.05) and Chasm) won consecutive races.

Those who had $ 10 for each favorite of that day returned $ 248.50 for their $ 100.

The second year when the players made a profit from the same acquisition plan in 2006 (four favorites – $ 90, $ 145), 2010 (four favorites – $ 90, $ 154), 2012 (four favorites – $ 90, $ 151) five favorites – $ 90, $ 145.50), 2015 (two favorites – $ 90, $ 98) and 2016 (five favorites, $ 110 – $ 129).

The problem for the players in the upcoming round on Saturday could identify who starts the favorites in many races.

Fifti Stars will be the most favorite favorite in Sandovn Stakes (Race 6), Ringerdingding most likely in Sandovn Guineas (Race 7) and Into The Abiss will most likely get the air of the Open Tvilight Gloves Stakes (Race 3), but favoring in most other races for decision.

Ringerdingding, who flashed a house last Saturday to win over 1400m in Flemington, will defeat the trend of the winner of Sandovin Guineas if he wins after the support.

The Guinean winner did not support it after running the last Flemington Carnival Day of Binding in 2004.

Seven of the past 11 Guinean winners left the Carbine Club, and all took the first four.

Secret Blaze, the third reptile Carbine Club, is the only one of the first four-year Carbine Club's this year's home, with Zoutori (fifth), Good & N; Fast (eighth) and Sid's Coin (11th).

The winner of the Zipping Classic did not start more than $ 8.50 since Brave Head 2000, with seven of the past 11 who passed through the Melbourne Cup.

Only two of this year's field emerge from two miles from Flemington; 2015 winner Vho Shot Thebarman (a $ 11 chance with BetEasi on Thursday morning) and Ventura Storm ($ 6).

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