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Jarri Haine under investigation for alleged sexual assault: NRL, news

NRL player Jarri Haine was allegedly under investigation by NSV Sek Crimes Skuad for allegedly assaulting a sexual assault.

Haine is investigating after the woman made unfounded allegations that she had been injured during a sexual encounter with him at the NRL last night on September 30, reports Nine Netvork.

The report states that Haine went to the house in the Hunter Valley to meet the woman with whom he had sex.

The police are investigating the allegation that the woman, who said she had suffered injuries during the meeting, withdrew her consent during the shooting.

Haine is not charged with any offense.

Since then, the police have interviewed a woman who was involved with the witnesses who came to contact Haine in the night.

Police say they are at an early stage of the investigation and are yet to interview Haine.

"The police are investigating the following reports that at the end of September a woman sexually assaulted a 30-year-old," the NHS police said in a statement.

"There are no additional information at the moment," said Detectives from the Department of Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse. "

Haine is currently in the midst of a civil lawsuit in the United States after allegedly raping a woman after having alcohol at a San Jose apartment where she lived while playing for San Francisco 49er.

The Rugby League, which is currently out of contract, "unequivocally" and "fiercely" rejects allegations and strongly defends the proceedings.

Judge Luci Koh filed the trial date at the San Jose District Court on January 27, 2020, but attorneys for each side still have the opportunity to reach an agreement through mediation.

"We are always open to further negotiations and any resolution, but it must make sense to our client," Liberty said. Mrs. V seeks pecuniary damage.

It is understood that the executive director of the club Bernie Gurr and other officials were not familiar with the allegations until the club contacted the media.

"Since this is a police question, the club will not publish any public comments on these reports," said Parramatta spokeswoman.

It was also understood that the club was not able to talk to starred returns after being contacted.

Haine is one of the greatest names of the NRL, winning

Dalli M medal twice and played 11 tests for Australia and 23 countries of origin for the NSW.

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