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Margot Robbie: The Australian actor attends the Tribeca Film Festival


It is known for its elegant and sophisticated style as Chanel's face, but Margot Robbie seems to be experimenting with a new and spectacular appearance.

Oscar-nominated actor, 28, was almost unrecognizable in New York today, having a curly blonde hair.

And it was far from its usual locks, without thorns, that were accompanied.

With an allowed experience, the Australian star could have been confused with Sarah Jessica Parker or Kylie Minogue Rely on me with a blonde blond head of peroxide.

Robbie has been turning to the big apple, where he attended the Tribeca Film Festival.

He wore a black black tube suit, which was attached to a leather jacket and a leather belt, to promote his latest independent film Dreamland


He Once in Hollywood star is an ambassador of Chanel and was the muse of the late creative director of the brand, Karl Lagerfeld.

Last year, Robbie said doorman magazine about the challenges of shooting her famous sex scene "nursery" in Barcelona The Wolf of Wall Street with the co-protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio.

"It is not when you see the movie, but we are actually in a small room with 30 crew full of people." Robbie told the British magazine.

"For 17 hours, I'm showing up to touch me," he added.

"It's a very strange thing and you have to undergo shame and absurdity, very deeply and totally compromised."

Robbie recently surrounded the filming of a great spin-off budget Suicide team, centered around his character, Harley Quinn.

The full title of the movie is Birds of prey (and the fantasy emancipation of a Harley Quinn).

The plot is described following Harley Quinn while "join a girl of friends to take a bad," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It is expected to be published on February 7, 2020, more than three years after the critical flop Suicide team released

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie revealed how his life had changed after starring Suicide team – His first great action movie.

"You're about to be in a comic book movie; Now, here's the worst case where you can be big and scary," said Robbie.

"There are only all those things that you learn along the way, as when these death threats arrive [smart] Make sure a security team checks for who sent them to see if there is a history of violence because you need to know if you need security to go to certain events, "said Robbie. THR.

Robbie said that he wished "someone would have told many of these things a lot."

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