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Married at first sight & # 39; Australia 2019 recap episode 3

How many times can you insult your husband on your wedding day before someone tells you to be established? Set The answer is seven.

More about it later.

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At the top of the night's night's episode Married at first glance, we checked in the newcomers Jessika and Mick, and Melissa and Dino.

Jessika still looks happy with her marriage to Mick.

Melissa, who prepares for the honeymoon, is as anxious as someone who has not had sex in eight years.

About Dino? It's pretty chillaxed, since in 2001 I could tell myself while I downloaded songs from Limewire and I let my Tamagotchi die a slow and painful death.

Couple Episode 2 of Sayonara. It's time for our next round of test themes.

HEIDI and MIKE, and NING and MARK.


Heidi is a love radio presenter! Here he is pretending to talk to people who say they live in the air.

"Join us now is Heidi from the studio! Hello, Heidi, you're in the air! Thanks, Heidi! (New)!

At the same time, Mike is in Sydney explaining to his family – including his disapproving father – about his plans to marry a stranger.

"Go to hunger, that makes more sense than the moment when I sank all my savings to Bitcoin." (New)

The father who does not approve seems to not accept it, but without saying it. We've just gotten many of these appearances.

"It's Bitcoin again." (New)

His name is Bob. Bob is not very convinced that his son may give up on the baccalaureate's lifestyles to marry a woman who has not yet met.

But it's okay, Bob.

Mick and Heidi meet at the altar and are immediately ~ connected ~. After reading their votes, they have a nice fool and go to the reception.

While Heidi goes to the bathroom, Mike tells everyone the heat that his new wife has. Fortunately for Mick, he is not currently vigilant to Heidi to put a cup. Unlike his friends who have had the misfortune of being recruited as urine assistants.

#romance #friendship

During his boyfriend's speech, Mick stirs up on his father, telling him in the room that he looks at Bob when he tries to treat a lady and do a marriage job.

Bob, on the other hand, has no interest in doing so this private marriage work Here is abandoning the reception.

It's harder to fantasize a party when there are 30 cameras trained in you. (New)


Mark is 41. He is never married, he never had children and never told a woman he loves.

Ning is the 32-year-old mother who has been burned by lovers in the past, so she tends to sabotage new relationships by putting the walls on her. This can be translated to: it can be a kind of meaning 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 but jokingly 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 But it still means 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(.

All this means (IN A GAME WAY, but it still means) that Ning said to Mark:

  1. "I'm just here to eat and drink, not to meet you, not to marry me, nothing about it, just for food."

  2. After Mark said he was happy, Ning came to the wedding: "I'm going to turn around."

  3. "It's been a good day. I'm pretty sure you will not have to get up at five. You do not have to make hair or makeup. At least you have the hair because that's good. I do not think I should say it. It happened. ".

  4. After Mark, he tried to warm Ning with his hands: "No, that's even worse. Any excuse to touch me, geez. She just wants to touch me. I'm like" Euuuuugh. "

  5. "I just said that I can not block it from any kind of social communication. This is what I do. I will block the people of my life. Like" I'm not very grateful for you. I'll block you "…"

  6. "No, do not sing, never sing".

  7. When you stop to exit the receiving table: "OK, do not come back. Okay?"

At the beginning, Mark reduced the sense of humor unbalanced by nervousness, but in the end he felt really sad because his confidence was a beating. Fun that implacable and endless abuse, of your wife, will do it to a person.

Brand, are you okay? (New)

Eventually Ning's friends are like, "Get together, m8" and Ning admits that at least TRY probably would like to be nice.

She wins her to spend some time with her mother, and then decides nervously to explain the three children: they are not at the wedding, and they cool.

Mark tells Ning that he is 100 percent committed to the experiment and has no intention of moving away from her. Ning shows his gratitude to immediately say to Mark that he hates.

(Just joke.)

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