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NASA pays homage to the fallen heroes

WASHINGTON, February 1, 2019 / PRNewswire / – NASA will honor the family members of NASA who lost their lives as they advanced the cause of exploration and discovery, including the crews of Apollo 1 and ferries Space Challenger i Columbia, during the Day of the Annual Report of the Agency Thursday 7th of February.

Administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine, and other senior officials of the agency, will direct an observance to the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia beginning to 1 a.m. EAST. A ceremony will be held to place the crown on the tomb of the unknown soldier, followed by the observations for Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia crews

The media interested in attending the event of the memory should contact Arlington National Cemetery Public Affairs at 703-614-0024 no later Wednesday, February 6.

Several NASA centers will also keep observations and give way to the Memory Day for the public, employees and families of those lost in service to the US space program.

Kennedy Space Center, Florida
The Memorial of the Astronauts Foundation and the Visitor Complex of the Kennedy Space Center will host the activities of the Day of Memory, including the ceremony of delivery of crowns at the Memorial Space Mirror. Thad Altman, president and executive director of the Memorial Astronautes Foundation, i Robert Cabana, Director of the center of Kennedy, will speak at the ceremony.

The media interested in attending this event should contact Kenna Pell at 321-603-9324 or [email protected]

The video and still images of various agency observances will be available at:

The agency also pays homage to its fallen astronauts with special online content available Wednesday, February 6, to:

The images and multimedia events this year will be added after the events.


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