Saturday , September 24 2022

Nets 122, Sikers 97: Slups, slower Sikers turn into the worst performance of the season



Sexy had a messy, slow Sunday night in Brooklyn, falling into the net, 122-97.

With a season-high turnover of 27 years, Sikers gave Nets a lot of free holdings, making things unnecessarily heavy for themselves against a team capable of striking easily.

Loss falls on Sikers at 6-5. After the worst performances of the season, they continue to seek the first victory on the road.

• Joel Embiid had another excellent, efficient first half, scored 13 points on four field trips, but there were not many other positive results. While Nets helped Sikers take up the bad start of the shooting (5 for 28 from the ground in the first quarter), Sikers could not stop coughing.

The traffic has appeared in a lot of variations – meaningless Simmons rides in a basket without an open team call; moving screens of Amir Johnson; Landri Shamet expanded in one way while Embiid threw the ball in the other direction.

Turnover was not nearly as much a problem for Sikers as they were last season, but on Sunday it was a reminder of their tendency to shoot at their feet.

• Embyd's first half was again much better than his other; scored only three points after half time. He scored 16 points and 15 rebounds, kicking the night to the high standards he set.

• Sikers scored 4 for 20 from the three-point ranking, and their smallest number makes this season. Johnson made one of those three, his first time, with his distinctive, ultra-slow movement.

• After two games without seeing the court, T.J. McConnell got a few minutes of rubbish. Brett Brown said on Friday that "Markelle Fultz is our backup watchman" and continues to trust the Fultz defense when it's in balance.

Fultz made a bad foul in the first quarter, came into contact with Spencer Dinviddie on the threes, but apparently made some progress over the past few games and apparently defended the ball and was an active defender.

However, he did not offer many strikers for the second game, with nine points at 3 for 8 shooting. He had an ugly attempt at three points early in the fourth quarter on the left that he barely knocked out at the bottom of the board.

• One bright spot for Sikers was Ben Simmons's attacking mentality. Simons scored 20 points on 8 for 11 shooters and used every opportunity to impose their will in the open.

That said, his five first half sets the pitch for the game and he could not do much to cause the Sikers foul, with three assistances in the season.

• Mike Muscala and Johnson fought when they switched to Nets D & rsquo; Angelo Russell, Dinviddie and Caris LeVert. The hats asked their big men to change this season more frequently, which put Muscular and Johnson in difficult positions and exposed their lack of speed.

• Wilson Chandler, who made his debut Sikers on Saturday, got a night at Nets while returning from a hamstring injury that he suffered in the first match of the pre-season.

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